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Why travel insurance is so important

A horse riding safari in Africa will, without doubt, be an adventure. However, it doesn’t have to be a risky leap of faith into the unknown.

We aim to ease all concerns before you embark on your horse riding holiday-of-a-lifetime. Our personal experience, detailed knowledge and understanding of safety concerns, means you will be able to book an African horse riding safari with complete confidence and peace of mind.

It is vital to get comprehensive travel insurance to cover any trip you take, but especially a trip to Africa. We highly recommend getting your insurance as soon as you’ve booked your trip and that a cancellation clause is part of the policy.

As you will be riding every day, it’s crucial and a requirement that you have a policy that includes horse-riding, evacuation and repatriation.

Please note:
1. If you are riding with wildlife, you will need to check that your policy covers horse riding safaris specifically. (Not needed for Egypt, Morocco or beach riding)
2. If you are doing a trail/expedition ride (horse riding being your main mode of transport) you will need to check if they cover this specifically.
3. If you are doing a ride or working holiday where you will be jumping, please also ensure your policy covers jumping.

Here are our recommended Travel Insurance Companies:

US Clients: World Nomads, American Express Travel Insurance, Global Rescue, Allianz,etc
UK/EU & Global: True Traveller (Adventure package: Horse riding as main mode of transport), Global Rescue, Safety Wing, Allianz, etc

You can also chat to your own personal insurance/credit card insurance to see if you’re already covered. Please just read through the fine print.

Please ensure that you’ve contacted your insurance company to find out what the procedure is should you need to claim during your trip. It is very important that we have all the correct emergency contact details. Most hospitals and air rescue will require upfront payment – ensure you have a credit card to cover such emergency costs.

African Horse Safaris gives the above advice and suggestions in good faith and to the best of their knowledge, but it is the responsibility of the rider to check that your policy adequately covers the activities you will be doing.

It is also advisable that your insurance covers unexpected losses or expenses e.g. lost luggage or cancelled/missed flights.

Please check any exclusions and that your policy covers you for the type of ride you are doing and all the activities you want to undertake – you may not be allowed to ride without adequate travel insurance which is why we need this information in your booking form.

Remember, some insurance policies specify that you must be wearing appropriate clothing and a riding helmet to be covered for horse riding – Please check with your insurance company that you will be covered if you choose not to wear one.