South Africa offers a wider selection of horse riding adventures than any other country in Africa.

With stunning and extremely diverse scenery, ranging from mountainous areas to pristine bush, and finally spectacular cost line, South Africa makes an excellent choice for any horse riding adventure. In South Africa, there is something for everyone. We offer horse safaris suitable for families, and the less experienced rider, all the way to an advanced safari.

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1 Night: From £ 295 pp

Riding at Ant’s Hill and Ant’s Nest


South Africa

Wildlife & Scenery Focused Horse Safari

Excellent riding, luxury accommodation, spectacular sundowners and great game viewing.

1 Night: From £ 164 pp

Horse Riding Holiday in The Waterberg


South Africa

Scenery & Wildlife Focused Horse Safari

Nestled in the depths of the stunning Waterberg region, this is the ideal family horse safari experience.

1 Night: From £ 350 pp

Horse Riding in the Cape Winelands


South Africa

Scenery Focused Horse Safari

Enjoy riding through some of South Africa's most iconic Winelands - wining and dining along the way.

1 Night: £ 220 pp

Polo Playing and Training in the Foothills of the Drakensberg

Minimum 4 Nights

South Africa

Sports Horse Riding Holiday

An unforgettable week of fun and polo playing in South Africa.

2 Weeks: £ 840 pp

Horse Riding Volunteering in South Africa

2 - 12 Weeks

South Africa

Working Holiday

Spend a life changing few weeks out in the South African bush working with horses.

7 Nights: USD2 945 pp

Exciting beach riding on the Wild Coast

7 Nights

South Africa

Scenery Focused Horse Safari

Enjoy cantering down South Africa's most rugged and remote coastline.

Zebra encounter on horseback

7 Nights: From £ 1 660 pp

South Africa and Botswana Combination Horse Safari

7 Nights

South Africa & Botswana

Wildlife Focused Horse Safari

Combine riding in both South Africa & Botswana for a real African adventure.

Horse Riding

South Africa is not only a diverse mix of cultures, scenery and wildlife, it is also home to a varied mix of horse riding experiences. South Africa offers a wider selection of riding safari vacations than any other country in Africa. There is a holiday for everyone. Whilst riding in areas where elephants, lions and buffaloes are present is restricted to intermediate plus and advanced riders, we can offer several horse safaris for more novice riders too.

South Africa offers several great reserve-based riding safaris which are perfect for families. Our lodge-based safaris can cater brilliantly for any level of horse rider and families due to their flexibility on how long, fast or far you wish to explore each day. They also have a host of non-riding activities available for anyone that needs a break from the saddle.

An advanced rider can enjoy dynamic riding and speedy free canters weaving in and out of the bush, or wizzing along pristine coastline and beaches – Not seeing another soul and soaking up the South African wilderness.

Geography and Wildlife

Although most well-known for its Big Five, South Africa is overflowing with a huge array of flora and fauna. These include elephants, lions, zebras, rhinos, giraffe, leopards, cheetah, wild dogs, many types of antelopes and abundant bird and marine life. We offer horse riding in South Africa’s Waterberg Region and adjacent to the world-famous Kruger National Park. Vehicle safari is huge here, but to experience wildlife from horseback is truly something special and unique.

Not only does South Africa offer wonderful horse safari experiences, it also offers exciting coastal riding along the stunning Wild Coast. This is a coastline of rugged, wild and pristine beaches just waiting to be cantered along. It is a place of rolling green hills, crystal clear rivers, forests and dramatic cliffs. This historical region is the birthplace of Nelson Mandela and the original home of the Xhosa nation.

Add the vibrant city of Cape Town to any safari holiday and enjoy riding through the spectacular winelands of Stellenbosch. Ride from winery to winery, indulging in wine tastings and delicious food along the way – What could be better?

South African Culture

South Africa is laced with fascinating and exciting culture. Famous for its diverse food offerings and exquisite wine, you will be beautifully wined and dined after a day on trail. The rich agricultural history and natural resources of game meat, cattle, seafood and crops makes for a culinary experience full of flavour. The wine regions here rival those of anywhere in the world and South Africa is home to some of the best wines on the planet. Combine this unforgettable hospitality and exciting culture with a breath-taking horse riding and you have a journey-of-a-lifetime.


From wonderfully luxurious lodges with delicious four poster beds and outdoor rain showers, to your humbler homely farmstead, there is an excellent range of accommodation options for your riding safari. Get back to nature in a canvas tented safari camp, listening to the calls of the animals through the night. Fall asleep to the sound of the sea in a beach-side hotel, having spent the day in the saddle breathing in the clean sea air. Wake up to the sun shining and vineyard views at a wine farm B&B. The value and quality for money of the accommodation, guiding, adventure and horseback riding in South Africa rivals anywhere else in Africa.


Is South Africa a safe place to go on holiday?

South Africa is safe if you well informed and sensible. The country does have a high crime rate but almost all of these crimes happen in non-tourist areas. The likelihood of a crime being committed against a tourist is low and even lower for anyone venturing on horse safaris. From the minute you step off the plane you have 24 hour support throughout your stay and you will be travelling in safe areas which are established for tourism. 

What’s the best place to horse ride in South Africa?

South Africa has the widest range of horse riding options of all the African countries. To pick a ‘best’ option is impossible but we can help advise you on rides from the best beach riding to the best horseback safari.

Do they look after the horses in South Africa?

On all our horse riding holidays they have the highest standards of horse care – We would not accept anything less. You will be hugely impressed with the quality of horses available and how they are treated as members of the family.

What is the best time of year to visit South Africa?

Different areas of South Africa are best at different times of the year, so there is no ‘bad’ time to visit. The summer, and rainy season, falls from November through to March each year – This is an awesome time of year for the Cape Winelands and Wild Coast rides. Wildlife is often considered easier to find in the winter months of May to September. 

Are there any family-friendly horse safaris in South Africa?

Yes – We have two reserve-based horse safaris that are perfect for families – Ants Hill and Ants Nest and Horizon Lodge – Both these options have plenty of wildlife but no elephants, lions or buffaloes, meaning they can cater for all levels of riding.

Horse riding with giraffe

Waterberg: Ants Hill + Ants Nest & Horizon Lodge

The untamed Waterberg is rich in cultural, archaeological and biological diversity. The area’s iconic beauty and bio-diversity has been awarded the status of a World Biosphere reserve by UNESCO. This is a wildlife Eden and set in the middle of its vast wilderness and the safari possibilities seem as endless as the horizon itself.  Riding in the wild is exhilarating for both novice and experienced riders and nothing beats a long gallop across an open plain with the wind in your hair. An area favoured by families, the area offers a wide range of other adventure activities such as game drives, nature walks and mountain bike trails.

Greater Kruger Area: Big 5 Horse Safari

Undoubtedly South Africa’s most iconic game-viewing destination and Africa’s second-largest park, the Kruger National Park is home to some of the best iconic 5 game viewing on the continent. To the West of the park lie several private game reserves, many unfenced, creating an area larger than Wales exclusively for wildlife. Here you will not only have the horseback safari you’ve dreamed of, but can enjoy exhilarating game drives, fascinating nature walks and fire-lit boma dinners. With several connecting flights we can create the perfect Bush and Beach combo or end your adventure at the mighty Vic Falls.

Stellenbosch Winelands: Cape Winelands Riding

Whether you’re just looking for an escape from the city, a romantic getaway or a few days exploring some of the most beautiful countryside, the Cape Winelands may be the one for you. Just 40km outside the vibrant city of Cape Town, the dramatic mountains and maze of vineyards are the perfect place to savour world-renowned wines and visit the country’s culinary heart.  Canter through the country roads & hidden forest paths before sampling superb wines and indulging in mouth-watering cuisine served in the shade of century old oak trees.

Wild Coast: Wild Coast Horse Safari

As its name suggests, the Marlaria-free Wild Coast in the Eastern Cape is an untamed wilderness ready to be explored.  This is a kaleidoscope of breath-taking forests, secret valleys and rolling green hills that rush headlong into craggy cliff faces, endless beaches and secluded bays.  The remoteness of this area means that this is not just a beach ride, it is an adventure!  Here the tides dictate the day’s schedule and since most of the area is inaccessible, you may think you’ve travelled 100 years back in time. The Wild Coast offers not only an unparalleled riding experiences but a glimpse into a rich culture far removed from the stresses of modern life