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Horse Safari with Rhino

I had a great time on the African Big 5 Safari. We saw all 5 up close in the first couple of days, my horses were all great and well schooled, the guide was knowledgeable and the staff were helpful. The accommodation and food was also amazing!
Karien and Hope’s organisation was top class! Karien in particular was very thoughtful and thorough detailing all the packages and locations available to tailor to my requirements. I’m looking forward to planning my next adventure horse riding epic trip with African Horse Safaris! Thanks team


Nat and TJ were fantastic hosts as was their daughter Kya and her friend Emilia. I feel like I learned so much about the country and what it means to live there. The horses were fantastic, unbelievably fit, willing and 100% bombproof. Just WOW! The riding was great with lots of canters and gallops along the way. The lodges where we stayed were beautiful. What stood out the most for me though was the cultural experience. I loved riding through those little villages, getting an insight into their way of life and coming into contact with the locals. I have rarely encountered such friendly, welcoming people as I have in Uganda and the fact that they speak English allowed us to communicate, ask questions and share about our very different lives with each other. It was just magical. I also really enjoyed the day we had in Entebbe. Janelle and I explored town on a boda boda, which was great fun. The second part of the trip to the Gorillas and then on to Rwanda was also just amazing and perfectly organized. I experienced so much in those two weeks, that it felt like I was there for a month and I loved every second of it.

Horse riding with rhinos

This has not been my first visit to Ant's and it was still like I remembered it. The guides and staff went out of their way to make us feel at home. We were able to ride different horses, go on private rides and spend some time with a fun group of other guests. The horses were taken care of, the food was great and each ride was unique. We did take great pictures of wildlife and we came very close to buffalo, rhinos, giraffes and other game. We would love to come back a third time for sure!

Victoria Falls

AHS booked my 5 day Horizon horse safari and 3 days in Victoria Falls.
Everything was above and beyond my expectations and it was such a great and effortless experience. I booked the trip with short notice, booked in Feb/Mar and then travelled 1st of April and Hope made everything so effortless and smooth. Prior to going on the trip I hadn’t ridden regularly in almost 20 years. Horizon gave me scope to explore different horses and improve while on the trip and it has made me want to get back into horse riding more regularly and already trying to book my next horse riding adventure in Africa. I travelled solo, but met so many incredible people along the way, the other guests and guides all became instant friends.

Horse Riding in South Africa

A big thanks to Isabel and Hope. Thanks to you, we were able to travel carefree to Africa, which was unknown to us. From travel tips to packing lists, everything was really there. Our trip far exceeded our expectations! We stayed with Kirsty from Horizon Horseback. The entire team is really nice and very experienced. Our favorite horses included TP and Blue. The guides have a great bush eye, so we were able to spot countless animals. The highlight was definitely visiting a local school. We also had variety, from bush rides to playing polo cross over terrain jumps on the lodge's own route. We have definitely not been there for the last time and have already considered new travel destinations.

Cross country jumping in Africa

Highly recommended booking a trip through African Horse Safaris. I returned home this week after 8 days on the Tuli ride in Botswana. It was absolutely amazing, and far exceeded my expectations. The booking process was very easy, and you are provided with so much useful information about your trip, including a packing list which was fantastic. I was paired with the fabulous Monate, and could not have asked for a better horse. He was the perfect safari buddy, and I felt 100% safe at all times. The team at Horizon Horseback also made the trip so special. Our guides, Tsaone and Max, were absolutely outstanding. So knowledgeable, and have unbelievable bush eyes. We saw such a variety of animals, and had such special experiences such as cantering with Giraffes! I fear I am now hooked on horse riding holidays, and am already eyeing up my next trip! Thank you so much!

Horse Riding in Morocco

I just came back from my trip to Morocco and it was amazing! African Horse Safaris tips prepared me very well for the trip, and the team was always so responsive. Our guides, cook and driver were always so thoughtful and helpful. My favourite part was galloping on the beach. It was something I absolutely wanted to do at least once in my life. All the horses were great and well taken care of. I loved that we saw so many different landscapes, from beaches, to sand dunes, to mountains, and argan trees. I had a blast and will definitely do more horseback riding trips in my life.


Absolutely the best experience of my life! I cannot wait to book my next trip through African Horse Safaris. Margot recommended Ant’s Nest in South Africa. I actually had a tear swell in my eye when I had to leave. The marketing reps did a great job at booking everything and even helping me set up a payment plan that worked for my budget. Superb customer service for both the agency and the lodge’s staff. I 100% recommend this trip to everyone. I went as a solo traveler, which I was nervous about at first, but I made great friends while there. The plan is to reconvene again next year!

Game Drive in the Tuli

Just got back from my favorite holiday ever hosted by African horse Safaris . From beginning to end it was made so special by the whole team - stunning scenery, great people and fantastic horses. I knew it was set to be a special holiday but never expected to enjoy the whole experience so much - we were treated so well , the most we did all week was make a coffee - everything was organised and sorted for us - food was amazing and all the staff made it so special, especially our guide Simon. The rides were so varied and it was amazing to get so close to the wildlife. Will definitely be back soon!

Horse Riding in Borana

I’ve recently had a 5 night stay at Borana Lodge in Kenya and can’t recommend this place enough. One of the best experiences of my life. Can’t thank African Horse Safaris enough for organising it all at such short notice, only 3 weeks went into planning my trip! I have too many photos to share and can’t wait to return!

A portrait photograph of Brianna McDonald, possibly a member of staff or a guide associated with horse safaris.

The African Explorer safari in South Africa and Botswana was one of the best holidays I’ve ever had! The guidance and communication from Kayleigh at African Horse Safaris was exceptional, both in the lead up to the trip and following up on feedback afterward. I would absolutely do it again, and I’m already saving for my next trip!

Horse riding in Africa

I did a combination of South Africa’s Wild Coast Trail and the Tuli Trail in Botswana. It was simply the best experience of my life, I couldn’t have been happier of the decision of going there. Since day one I realized that every cent I spent was worth it. I’ll try to do it again as soon as I can!

Horse Riding in Botswana

I went on the South Africa and Botswana combination safari this August and had an absolutely wonderful time. The guides were all exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable, the food was incredible, and the variety of landscape and animals we saw was truly breathtaking. Although my travel companion unfortunately had to cancel at the last minute, I felt truly welcomed and cared for as a solo traveler. Truly a trip of a lifetime!

Horse Riding in Borana

We just returned from 6 nights at Borana Kenya. What an absolutely Magical experience. We are a family of four with teen girls 14 & 16. African Safari recommended Borana to us and they were absolutely spot on. The riding, scenery , and staff all exceeded our expectations. All Thanks to the wonderful recommendations of Riding Safari. Thank You for the memories and allowing us to score high in the eyes of our teens for choosing the right vacation!

Horse Riding in South Africa

Topnotch. Trip of a lifetime!
It's been a month since I got back from Africa, and if I could I'd go back tomorrow. Magnificent landscapes, incredible horses, animals as far as the eye can see and a top-notch team. Thank you African Horse Safaris for helping me organize this trip of a lifetime. I wholeheartedly recommend the African Explorer (4 days in South Africa and 3 in Botswana), which allows you to discover different landscapes and cultures.

Horse safari with elephants in the Okavango Delta

My trip to Macatoo Camp was hands down the best experience of my life. A five night stay was not nearly long enough! A Huge thank you to the guides for patiently teaching and answering hundreds of questions, the barn staff for pairing me with absolutely incredible horses, and of course Katie for her excellent help and organization. From the stunning wildlife, breathtaking sunsets, delicious food, gorgeous accommodations to the wonderful guests sharing our time, The whole trip was pure magic. I hope I can return one day!

Horse riding in Egypt

What can I say about the rides in Egypt other than Epic. The team and horses are absolutely amazing paired with the perfect mix of letting loose in the desert followed by fascinating tours of tombs and pyramids. This was the second time I have travelled with African Horse Safaris and each trip gets better and better! The team is so good at helping you find the perfect trip and organising everything so you have a stress free holiday. Can't wait to book my next trip already!

Horse Safari Okavango Delta

I had the most amazing time at Macatoo camp , Okavango Delta. Botswana.
The horses were fantastic and living their best life. The rides and the animals we encountered was non invasive and also at a good pace. You truly felt part of the environment.
The guides and team at Macatoo are wonderful. I went on my own and felt so comfortable. Kayleigh who organised my trip was brilliant. I feel I now have a Botswana family I need to return too! I will go back!



African Horse Safaris was amazing in helping me book a trip to South Africa for an endurance riding program. I had an amazing time! Moolmanshoek was incredible, I loved working with Lindy and all the horses were amazing. Salute and Klein Bus were definitely my favorite horses but I enjoyed all of them. Would LOVE to go back next year for the Moolmanshoek race, now that I’m allowed to do an 80km!


Our trip was amazing. The guides and staff were brilliant and even though we didn't speak french we were able to communicate with everyone. All the horses were very good and well trained. I rode Farmage, a small stallion with a strong character but very obedient.
It was a very adventurous journey, an unforgettable experience! It’s not a trip for everyone, we experienced 100% the local culture and it was very authentic and exciting. Thank you!


Best days of my life!
Best experience of my life! Margot made booking and preparing for the trip easy and seamless. The 5 days on safari in Tanzania were genuinely the best days of my life. The guides and staff went above and beyond to give us comfort while camping out in the bush without sacrificing any thrilling wildlife encounters. You haven't lived until you've galloped through the wilderness of Tanzania with giraffes and elephants!


I had an amazing time on the Tuli ride this summer! Between the hours in the saddle, the phenomenal views, and the camaraderie with our guides and fellow guests, there’s nothing I would have changed. Our guides Mpo and Elliot shared everything they knew about the bush and the wildlife. The food was exceptional, allowing us to explore Botswana cuisine and washing it down with our favorite drinks! I can’t wait to attend another Safari!


I had such an incredible time on my Tuli Safari in Botswana through African Horse Safaris! African Horse Safaris helped me pick out and book the most epic ride, and it lived up to all of the rave reviews. The horses were extremely fit and well cared for, and the guiding, accommodations, and food were all beyond expectations. I felt informed and supported leading up to the trip and throughout. I am definitely using African Horse Safaris to plan another amazing trip!


I'd definitely recommend booking with African Horse Safaris!
They are attentive and explained everything that would happen during my experience.
All the information was sent over to the safari organisers and my needs were attended.
Booking with AHS was super easy and they answered any questions (there were a lot!) we had. I was hesitant to travel by myself to Africa but they made me feel safe and confident.
Thank you for being great and providing such a detailed experience

Group of horse riders in Botswana

Recently returned from the Botswana - Tuli Block safari and I cannot recommend this ride enough! It was truly spectacular! African Horse Safaris was incredibly helpful in making this trip happen. I worked with Karien, and she answered all my questions, and made everything go smoothly. For 8 days my group rode through amazing sceneries, and saw many animals. Elephants, zebras, cheetahs, giraffes, and lions, we saw them ALL! Cantering with giraffes, zebras and wildebeests? Did it! My horse was Nashville, he was wonderful, and I was perfectly paired with him by Horizon Horseback. For 8 days, he took me on some of the best rides I've ever had! I also cannot say enough about our guides at Horizon, Tsaone and Max, they kept us safe, made every ride interesting and different, and shared many laughs with us along the way. This ride, and experience was amazing, and I would go back tomorrow and do it all again if I could! Thank you African Horse Safaris for making this trip happen for me

Bethany PaczkowskiTULI HORSE SAFARI
Galloping horse in Egypt

Epic trip with a great group!
My first week back home was a bit hard, as such an adventure always ends with some holiday blues, but I will console myself with planning the next one! It was an epic trip with a great group! We've had an amazing time in Egypt. So lovely to meet them all and miss them already. And the horses of course! I loved my horses in Cairo and in Luxor, Faragella and Luna! Always at the very front in our races! My favorite memory is definitely galloping past the pyramids with my beautiful Arabian stallion Faragella! Thank you for making this experience possible! The service was great and the whole trip perfectly organized. Would love to go on another journey with you! Looking forward to the next adventure, after saving up a bit!

Horse riding with Rhinos at the Ant Reserve

It was everything I expected and more!
I just came back from an incredible trip to Ant's Nest and Ant's Hill in South Africa. It was everything I expected and more. The staff at both lodges were so hospitable and welcoming, always making sure every guest had everything they needed. I was traveling alone and instantly felt very at home thanks to their kindness. The horses were incredible, so accustomed to all the wildlife (and we saw a LOT of wildlife!) The guides are so great at what they do and make sure they know what you want to see so they can find whatever it is you are looking for- giraffes, zebras, buffalo, rhinos, kudu... and many more!
Setting up this trip with African Horse Safaris was such a smooth experience. I contacted them less than two weeks before the trip and immediately got a reply that they would be able to accommodate me. They provided so much useful information- I wasn't left with any questions after the very thorough packet I received! I will definitely be planning a trip with them in the future and would recommend anyone else who loves horses and adventure to do the same!

Horse riding at Borana Lodge Kenya

We had such an amazing week riding at Borana lodge in Kenya in August!! The lodge is stunning, we loved the attention to detail and eco-friendliness. The food was amazing, our room was beautiful and the staff made us feel so spoiled. We rode twice a day with super horses and guides, getting quite close to wildlife and having some fun gallops along the way. The horses are well-trained and lots of fun to ride. The conservancy is huge and every ride was different. We absolutely loved our night fly-camping with the horses - such a special experience! We also took the chance to do a game drive one afternoon and got close to cheetahs and lions. Overall it was the perfect combination of riding, safari and rest at the beautiful lodge. One week definitely felt too short!

Horse riding in the Okavango Delta

I had the most fantastical holiday of my dreams. Thank you so much! I absolutely loved it & rode some superb horses from the speedy appaloosa which apparently David rides & is the lead horse in Camp Kalahari, to the cheeky Holdall the Fresian cross in Okavango Horse Safari camp Kujwana, to my absolute favourite the gorgeous flea bitten grey small Arabian called Skimmer who gave me a fabulous days riding & reminded me of my old Arab horse we even went swimming bareback across the flooded channel in the delta. I did offer to give him a home! It was the stuff of dreams & had so many animal encounters. I have some wonderful pictures - I attach a couple that Kathryn took in the delta. I don't often want to go back to places I have climbed or trekked but I would definitely love to go back to Okavango Camp, what an amazing place, goodness me.

Horse Jumping in South Africa

African Dream Horse Safaris was amazing! Traci and Shannon were such great people and treated the horses and the volunteers so well. Not only was the place beautiful but I got to make so many new friends and so many new experiences during my time as a volunteer. They always made sure that we got to do the excursions we wanted and ride our favorite horses everyday. Luckily I got to ride my favorite horse Star almost every day and I can’t wait to go back and visit him and the rest of the ADHS family whenever I get the chance! I definitely recommend this working holiday to anyone who is thinking about it, especially for people who are hesitant about doing it alone! I got to see so many different animals and places during my time there and it really was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had!

Horse riding Egypt Hot Air Baloons

I have just returned to Australia from my Palms and Pyramids tour. Egypt is just a magical country with all of its rich history and generally lovely, friendly locals… which was made even better being able to explore it on horseback! I loved every minute I spent on my 8 day tour, Emma is fabulous as well as our three guides Adham, Tommy and Yousef. They all really make you feel so welcome and a part of their Egyptian family in such a short time of knowing them. Their horses are fabulous and they pair all the riders perfectly to their horses. The horses are all very well trained and all make you feel very safe and looked after while riding. You can tell the horses love their jobs and are all very well cared for and loved by the whole team. The tour was a great mix of both riding and non riding experiences. My friend and I were both sad to leave Egypt at the end of the Ride Egypt tour and we are already planning for our next trip. We cannot wait to see everyone and the horses there again!

Cross Country Jumping in Zimbawe

This has been an incredible trip. The team at Antelope Park (big shout to Dani, Staben, and the stables crew of Lily/Abisha/Willem) are amazing and will do all they can to ensure you tick as many items on your bucket list as possible during your stay. The rooms were clean and comfortable, and the food was amazing. I travelled solo on this trip. Others on the working holiday were so lovely. Please do not be afraid as most volunteers there were travelling solo. You will make so many friends. The "work" is not very hard, and you have the option to ride x2 daily in a private game reserve. Either on out rides (where pace is catered to how advanced your riding is), cross country, jumping, schooling the younger horses or polocrosse. Polocrosse is so much fun! We saw zebra/wildebeest/impala daily on our rides and the giraffe at least once a week. While in the park you have the option to join their wildlife project where you can work with the lions and elephants on site. This is definitely worth doing and an unexpected highlight of my trip.I am counting down the days until I can go back!

Group of riders Tuli Hors Safari

I had the most incredible time on the Tuli safari! This is the first time I've done anything like this, but I am so hooked and already looking at where to go next. Each day, we saw tons of incredible animals and enjoyed exciting and varied riding. Each camp was amazing in its own way, and I didn't expect to be so full of yummy food the whole time. I particularly loved the Kgotla Camp because it was so unique. Our lead guide, Mpho, was extremely knowledgeable and respectful of the animals. He was amazing - we hadn't seen hyenas, despite hearing them our whole trip, but Mpho managed to find a couple on our very last morning! We got right up close to them, and it really capped off our experience. I rode Pumba, and I am absolutely obsessed with him. He was a perfect match - forward, responsive, and a puppy dog when it came to snacks and cuddles. He had a big beautiful stride and took care of me the whole time. I wanted to bring him home with me. The horses were clearly well cared for and happy throughout, which is super important. I will absolutely be reaching out for future trips!


I had a great time and made some wonderful memories and new friends. I rode Radar and McGuinness. I think that of the two locations, I was most impressed with Botswana. I like the open areas and the plethora of animals and new scenery. Plus, I LOVED the treehouse camp! All the camps were wonderful, and the food was really next level for each meal. I loved how the staff sang to us before dinner in Botswana. One of my favorite memories will have to be as we rode into a plains area and on our left, impala and wildebeest were running, in the distance, a small group of elephants were hurrying on their way, and then as we turned the corner, a bat eared fox was jumping through the tall grass as more animals frolicked around us – a herd of zebra and a family of giraffes. Definitely seemed to bring a lot of the amazing things of the Mashatu Game Reserve together in one moment. Can't wait to go back again!


So happy that I booked this holiday, it was the perfect combination of working and relaxing. The first month in Zimbabwe was incredible, it was so much fun working with the horses and the other animals at the park. The excursions I did were an amazing way to see more of the country. My last two weeks at the Wild Coast were a dream! The people and the horses were the best. I added a 3 night trail and I’m so glad I did, had the best beach canters and saw so much of the Wild Coast. Made a lot of new friends across the world. Definitely an experience I’ll never forget. I wanted to say thanks again for helping me book this trip, it was amazing! A little horse girl's dream come true. I’m surely not done with travelling around the world on horseback, I will definitely book something with you again.


I had the most incredible trip, I didn't know it was possible to have such an amazing time! Everything was amazing, from the guides, to the transport, accommodation, food and of course mostly the horses and safari, there is nothing I could possibly change to make it any better. Aside from the incredible horses and safari itself, it was the guides and staff that made the trip so incredible. I had the pleasure of riding the gorgeous Pumba, I am in love with him!!

Thank you so so so much to you, Isabel, Karien and the rest of the team for making the communications and the lead up to the trip so easy, seamless and well informed. It gave us the very best start to our trip and we felt so looked after, safe and looked after the whole time. THANK YOU!! I have made friends and memories for life and I can't wait to get on the next trip!!!