Horse riding in Uganda is an unforgettable scenic and cultural experience. Discover local Africa as you ride through lush plantations, traditional villages and mystical jungles.

Uganda is home to Africa’s tallest mountain range, the source of the world’s longest river, the continent’s largest lake and unique wildlife. Immerse yourself in the traditional Ugandan culture as you ride through Uganda’s local villages, pristine farmlands and picturesque plantations. Discover wild Uganda with horse rides through misty jungles in search or rare primates and colourful birds. Chat to us about extending your trip to include mountain gorilla tracking or exploring other destinations with Uganda’s borders.

The River Nile

While most regard the Iconic River Nile as the lifeline of the ancient Egyptian civilization, explorers traced the source back to the lush green valleys of Uganda. Beginning life with small tributaries flowing into Lake Victoria and ending in the Mediterranean over 6,800 kilometers to the north, it is regarded as the longest river in the world. Sharing a border with 10 other African countries, this incredible force of nature has changed landscapes and created an Eden waiting to be explored.

Horse Riding Tours in Uganda

7 Nights: USD4 000 pp

River Nile Horse Safari in Uganda

7 Days


Scenery Focused Horse Safari

Fabulous riding around the source of the world's longest river.

10 Nights: $ 3 969pp

Play Polo on Nile River Banks in Uganda

10 Nights


Sports Horse Riding Holiday

Play polo and safari in the stunning surroundings of Uganda.