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“Dangerous” Zimbabwe

“Mum, I’m going on a horseback safari.” I wish I could tell you the response when I sat her down to tell her this, but for the sake of the expletives coming out of her mouth, I will try and paraphrase. “You will be kidnapped at the airport and we will never see you again!” […]

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antelope park stables

Behind the scenes: @betweentwoears at Antelope Park

Antelope Park, Zimbabwe welcomes Alex Calder from Instagram’s @BetweenTwoEars After planning the itinerary, and excitedly waiting for Alex, and husband Sam’s arrival, the day finally arrived! We couldn’t have been more excited to showcase the beauty of Zimbabwe and had fingers crossed they would love it as much as we do. Arriving at Antelope Park […]

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Antelope Park welcomes Alex from “Between two ears”

Antelope Park welcomes Alex Calder, the human behind the ears, of Instagram’s @betweentwoears. Introducing Alex With over 30,000 social medial followers, Alex Calder and her thoroughbred Ben share their adventures together from their home in the historic east coast of Ireland. Between two ears shares imagery of beautiful locations, seen from the back of a […]

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polocrosse tournament

A Look At This Weekend: Playing in a National Polocrosse Tournament

What an exciting weekend it’s been! Despite the rather surprising turn of weather, players from all over Zimbabwe came to compete in a polocrosse tournament. They represented Borrowdale, Marodera, Bulawayo and Antelope Park, as they were cheered on by the (somewhat chilly) spectators. This weekend witnessed some truly superior polocrosse; not least from our very own Marketing and Sales […]

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Bushman's Rock Polo internship Club

Working/Playing Internship for Polo Player in Zimbabwe

Are you a developing polo player with a taste for adventure? Imagine if you could travel to Africa for the holiday of a life-time, whilst playing polo and learning more about the horses you ride… Now you can. Bushman’s Rock Polo Club are delighted to be offering an exclusive, flexible 4-week playing internship for one […]

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working abroad with horses

Working Abroad With Horses Will Help When Buying Your First Horse

 Nervous about buying your first horse? African Horse Safaris will teach you everything from horsemanship, to stable duties, to veterinary care. Taking the plunge and buying your first horse can be daunting- especially if you didn’t come from a horsey family. Owning a horse is a big commitment; whilst there are countless books and magazines […]

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namib desert horse safari go on horseback safari

Why You Should Never Go On Horseback Safari

It means you have to go on horseback safari to Africa, where the sights are nothing much to write home about…

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non-riders okavango delta

Can You Successfully Combine Horse Safari With Non-Riders?

Combining With Non-Riders Here at African Horse Safaris we often come across horsey-mad women, men and teenagers desperate to come out to Africa and ride horses, but feel restricted by their non-riding other halves, family members or even friends. We completely understand that for an African adventure of a lifetime, you would often want to […]

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best Horse Riding on the beach in Mozambique

Where in the World is the Best Horse Riding on the Beach?

Where in the World is the Best Horse Riding on the Beach? Cantering along pristine coastline, the wind in your hair, the sun on your face and the sounds of the waves crashing beside you, is an image that appears on almost every riders bucket-list… But where is the best horse riding on the beach? […]

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Horse Riding Holiday in Africa with African Horse Safaris

10 Best Reasons to go on a Horse Riding Holiday in Africa

1. The breath-taking landscapes A trip to Africa is always something out of this world; there is nowhere else on the planet quite like it. When you journey through an African landscape, in the way of the original pioneers, aboard a faithful and spirited four-legged companion; you create a bond with the land which you […]

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African Horse Safari joins MDIRF

African Horse Safari joins A Night With the Stars!

African Horse Safari is very excited about getting involved with the fantastic UK charity called the Mark Davies Injured Riders Fund Charity: www.mdirf.co.uk and their exclusive event: An Evening the With the Stars  The event, held on 29th November, is at the RAF club in London and is being supported by Quintessentially Equestrian. The exciting […]

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crew riding wild coast horse safari

Crew Riding for the Wild Coast Race

The Wild Coast. What Had I Got Myself Into… I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, or what African Horse Safaris had got me into, as I stepped off the plane at Durban airport. Various emails had been back and forth with Baz and Joe, founders of Rocket Horse Racing and the hosts of the […]

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wild coast horse safari

This may just be the toughest endurance race yet.

African Horse Safaris has just returned from 3 unforgettable weeks spent on South Africa’s stunning Wild Coast. The journey was made in order to witness, and be part of Rocket Horse Racing’s first ever endurance race down 350km of desolate, wild and unforgiving coastline. ** All images by Rocket Horse Racing** Rocket Horse Racing is […]

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horseback safari horse

Life as a Horseback Safari Horse

As a horseback safari travel agency, horse welfare is extremely important to us. On launching African Horse Safaris, we agreed that we would only work with operations who meet our high standards of horse care and standards of living. More Than Pets Horseback safari horses are not simply pets, they are animals with a job, […]

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horse riding in africa namibia african horse safari

10 Riders, 14 Horses and 350km of Namib Desert

Horse Riding in Africa – A Lasting Impression Horse riding in Africa is an experience that will leave a lasting impression. There’s no escaping the sense of unbelievable achievement and contentment with the world, after time spent out in the wilderness of this wonderful continent. Become Completely Encapsulated by the Present Horse riding 350km across […]

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horse riding ant's hill

Horse Riding at Ant’s Hill for Mother – Daughter Catch Up

Mother – Daughter Catch Up After spending 4 fabulous days at Ant’s Hill, it’s easy to see how people fall in love with the place and keep coming back year after year. Following 10 months of living on different continents, my mum – Fiona – finally made it out to South Africa, for a horse […]

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horse riding in africa

Between the Ears whilst Horse Riding in Africa

Here’s a collection of ‘between the ears’ shots taken, whilst out horse riding in Africa. We all know some of the best views in the world are seen from the saddle and through the ears of a horse…. so here’s a few of our very best ones. Meet Colin… Isabel used to pass this crazy […]

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African Horse Safari in Horse Magazine

We LOVED reading about African Horse Safaris in Horse Magazine

What a treat to read about the joys of an African horse safari over our morning coffee. Thanks Horse Magazine!  

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African Horse Safaris Blog

10 Books to Read before your African Horse Safari

It is unsurprising that many epic and wonderful novels have been set in some of the breath-taking locations you can choose to horse safari in, and the spectacular landscapes Africa has to offer. A good book goes hand-in-hand with an African Horse Safari. Whether it acts to whet the appetite and build excitement before you […]

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Horse Riding Makgadikgadi Salt Pans

5 Days in the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans

An Adventure Across the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans Wow. Where to begin? What an unforgettable 5 days I’ve just had out in the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Sure, I have been lucky enough to go on several safaris over the years but most of them involved climbing into the back […]

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horse riding in the Okavango Delta

Discovering if the Okavango Delta really is the stuff of Dreams

Okavango Delta Ever since first typing the words ‘horse riding safaris in Africa’ into Google, and being met by an image of two horses cantering across the Botswana wetlands with giraffe in the background, I have wanted to ride in the Okavango Delta. The ride joined my bucket list then and there. I am sure […]

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Makgadikgadi Salt Pans with African Horse Safaris

10 Reasons You Won’t Regret Riding in the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans

Being in Bots. With its stunning scenery, abundant wildlife and varied landscapes, Botswana is the place to be right now. Lonely planet is saying it, travel journalists are saying it, even Taylor Swift is saying it and we all know her word is gospel. Lonely Planet has rated Botswana the top destination in the world to […]

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Horse Riding Holiday with African Horse Safaris

If you don’t go you’ll never know – making your dream a reality.

Into the Unknown When I first stepped off the plane in Maun – Botswana, I had to take a deep breath to steady the nervous and excited butterflies that were threatening to burst out my stomach. 3 month previous, I had begun the task of making my dream a reality. I was bitten by the […]

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Horse Riding Holiday with African Horse Safaris

Wildlife Without the Engine

Knowledge makes a successful booking and a good safari. We aim to provide that knowledge and personal touch which will allow you to find the right African safari and book with confidence. Keep up with us as we continue on our journey of exploring Africa, the way it should be done, from the back of […]

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