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Since 2006, African Horse Safaris has grown from Isabel’s humble beginnings, working from a laptop in Zimbabwe with giraffes grazing in the backyard, to a dynamic team of 11 remarkable individuals who are just as passionate about getting people addicted to Africa as she is.

While our current job listings might not showcase all the opportunities available, we’re often on the lookout for talented individuals who share our love for adventure, horses, and the incredible landscapes of Africa. If you’re brimming with enthusiasm and have a skill set that you believe could contribute to our journey, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out, and let’s explore the possibilities.

To express your interest, send a compelling Cover Letter and your CV to:

Note: We only employ South African Nationals, or those able to live and work in South Africa


Check out some of our job opportunities below

ROLE: Reservations and Bookings Coordinator – African Horse Safaris & Penda Phototours


African Horse Safaris offers the largest portfolio of expertly guided and unique horse experiences across the African continent. We specialise in horse travel across Africa, offering world-class riding experiences ranging from 3 to 10 nights in 12 different African Countries. While our focus will always be horse riding, we also create bespoke, multi-destination holidays across Africa.

Our sister company Penda Phototours, runs specialised photo tours and safaris and photography volunteer programs that all make an impact where it’s needed in Africa.  They’re exploring the boundaries of what photography travel can achieve.


For this role you will need to have excellent organizational skills. You will need to be able to relate to clients and share their passion. You’ll be responsible for organizing and actioning of all our trips once the booking has been confirmed. You will oversee the admin and executions involved in processing the bookings up to point of travel. You will be in direct communications with all our clients in the build up to their trips.

The ability to work independently is highly important as the role will be done half from a home office in Cape Town and half from communal work space.
Manage Bookings and Reservations
  • Quick and professional engagement with clients via email, Whatsapp and social media channels
  • Be the point of contact for any questions or issues that may arise after point of sale
  • Prepare the client for their trip – creating the right expectation, provide the necessary information and ensure all the right documents and information is in place before they travel
  • Be on hand during travel to ensure clients have the best possible experience and handling any unforeseen issues
  • Build a rapport with clients to ensure a positive relationship and possible future bookings
  • Work as a team with African Horse Safaris employees and help cover work when colleagues are sick, on leave or out riding in the bush!
Experience and skills
  • Proficiency in English (written and speaking); knowledge of any additional languages is an advantage
  • Good communication skills – both on the phone and by email
  • Overall computer literacy with excellent knowledge of MS Excel and Google Sheets, One Drive, etc.
  • The ability to work independently – candidates will need to be able to work remotely, have a reliable internet connection and be willing to work after hours if needed.
  • An inquisitive mind and willingness to do self-study and learn about different destinations
  • Attention to detail and strong organizational skills
  • A passion for travel and Africa is a must – Personal travel experience in Africa is a bonus
  • Strong people skills
  • Good time management and the ability to follow up on numerous enquiries, while maintaining a personable approach and good customer service, even under pressure.
  • The ability to resolve any problem that arises and willingness to help others.
  • Personable and can create strong relationships with both clients and operators
Please send your CV and cover letter using the button below.
You need to be a South African Resident or National