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8 Reasons Why Horse Safari is Perfect for Solo-Travelling

Every day our social media feeds are flooded with pictures of solo adventurers taking on the world. Brave travellers with fire in their eyes as they explore new horizons and incredible destinations. But for many people the idea of going to Africa alone is borderline insanity. Even with a ton of positive press on setting out to see the world on your own, there is still some anxiety. Safety concerns, loneliness, and wondering if you will meet fun, friendly people can make solo travel scary or unappealing. So, why is it a good idea to embark on a horse safari alone?

The truth is that the world is too big to have to wait around for someone every time you want to go on an adventure! Don’t get us wrong, travelling with your partner or friends is awesome, but don’t dismiss the idea of travel just because you have no one to go with. If you’re always waiting for someone else – you may never get to go on that bucket list trip, experience the magic of an African sunset or discover yourself under the milky way.

Following your heart without compromise might not be possible in everyday life, but it’s the highlight of a solo vacation. No arguments, no compromises, no worrying about whether your travelling companions are interested by the same things you are. Whether you are a fearless nomad or someone who wants to push their personal boundaries; this is the time to discover the freedom of solo travel.

About 50% of our bookings are solo-travellers

It is highly likely that someone else on your trip will also be a travelling alone so you have an instant companion.  It may seem counter-intuitive but when you travel alone it’s easier to make friends. If having other solo travellers in your group is important to you, let us know.  We can easily hook you up with a ride that we have already booked another solo-traveller onto or create a ride for like-minded individuals.

You can go where you want, when you want

This is probably one of the biggest reasons people like to travel solo: not to have any restrictions on your budget, destination or schedule.  If you feel spontaneous you can book at a moment’s notice without worrying about what your friend having to cancel all their plans to fit in with yours. This often means that you can take advantage of that last-minute special offer for that bucket list trip or go somewhere completely off the radar.  And when you fall in love with Africa, travelling alone means that you can just add on a few extra days or even explore a whole new country, just because you can.

You have 24-hour support throughout your trip

Any solo-traveller’s biggest fear– getting lost in a strange place.  Fear not, we arrange all your logistics and provide all emergency contacts. You will be met at the airport arrival hall by someone who has a board with your name on it. You and the other guests on your trip will then be transferred to your lodge or escorted to your light air charter flight.  From that moment on you are looked after by local and knowledgeable guides and never left to fend for yourself.

Everyone you meet on your trip has a shared interest -horses

This means that there is always something to talk about and an easy way to start up initial conversations with your fellow adventurers.  In your normal everyday life, there are certain things your colleagues and non-equestrian friends just can’t understand.  Comparing strange bruises or telling that amusing story about that time your horse bit your neighbour are great ways to break the ice and lead to some interesting chats.

You meet like-minded people

It is a certain type of traveller that chooses Africa as their holiday destination. They are adventurous, out-going, and open-minded – probably much like yourself.  Embarking on an exciting adventure with complete strangers often has a long-lasting impact. Being on an activity based holiday means there is always plenty to chat about around the fire as you recount the day’s events. In the bush you are likely to forge life-long friendships and often you’ll find the ideal travel partner for your next big adventure.

Avoid Single Supplements

Unlike many tours, horse safaris are generally pretty flexible. Unless you are adamant about having your own room, many horse safaris don’t charge a single supplement for solo-travellers. There is no extra charge if you are happy to share with a member of the same sex. However, if having your own room is important, you can either pay the extra fee, or enquire about rides that have first come, first serve single rooms at no extra cost.

Incredible Staff

All the guides and back-up teams are incredibly friendly and approachable. They understand that travelling alone can initially be a bit daunting and therefore will welcome you with open arms. Should you be the only solo-traveller on the trip, they will make sure a member of the team is sitting next to you for your first few meals to make sure you are settling in and finding your feet. In no time, your head will be filled with stories bush and you will feel like you’re part of the family.

Self-confidence and achievement

One thing is for sure – you won’t be the same person on your return.   After taking on an African adventure solo, you will feel confident and wonderfully bad-ass – ready to take on anything! Plunging into the vast unknown and facing your fears is incredibly empowering. You’ve flown halfway across the world,  met strange and interesting people, traversed some challenging landscapes and had some close encounters with some of Africa’s incredible wildlife.  You haven’t just survived – you took on the world alone and you loved it!

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