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Creat Unbeatable Memories on a Horseback Safari in Tanzania

While, not as well-known as horse riding in Kenya, it is equally as exciting and offers paralleled experiences. Tanzania offers the “Out of Africa” experience most dream of when they imagine a horseback safari in Africa. Riding across some of Africa’s most iconic landscapes and set to the backdrop of magnificent snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro, horse riding here promises an unforgettable experience! Become part of the herd as you canter across the plains alongside zebra, giraffe and wildebeest, keeping a close eye out for the big cats that this area is famous for.

The country’s diverse landscapes provide an ideal backdrop for equestrian adventures. With some incredible wildlife focused horse safaris in Arusha and the Sergengeti, and Zanzibar just a short flight away, it offers the ideal bush and beach riding holiday. With the rhythmic beat of hooves and the warm breeze on your face, horse riding in Tanzania provides an authentic and exhilarating way to experience this incredible country.


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Horse riding in Zanzibar Island

3 nights: From USD $943GBP £EUR €ZAR RAUD $ pp sharing

Tropical Island Horse Riding in Zanzibar

  • 3 - 7 Nights
  • Tanzania
  • Beach Focused Horse Safari
Craving a tropical beach adventure complete with horseback swims and cantering across white sandy beaches? Look no further than Zanzibar Island.
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Safari horses cantering in Serengeti

8 nights: From USD $6560GBP £EUR €ZAR RAUD $ pp sharing

Serengeti Migration Horse Safari

  • 8 nights
  • Tanzania
  • Wildlife & Scenery Focused Safari
A true “Out of Africa” experience where you'll ride the endless plains of the Serengeti alongside herds of wildebeest.
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Horse riding with elephants in Arusha National Park

7 nights: USD $5590GBP £EUR €ZAR RAUD $ pp sharing

Arusha & Mt Kilimanjaro Horse Safari

  • 7 Nights
  • Tanzania
  • Wildlife & Scenery Focused Safari
A journey that will take you through dense forests, to hidden lakes and end with epic canters in the shadows of Mt Meru.
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Tanzania is the perfect destination for those searching for an authentic African horseback adventure and caters for families, couples or the intrepid solo traveller. The vast open plains offer the perfect playground for experienced riders who enjoy fast-paced riding, incredible scenery and some of the most incredible wildlife encounters known to man. For those who have partners or families that do not ride, they can embark on an epic safari by vehicle, meeting up for meals and catching up around the evening campfire.

Each adventure is led by qualified and professionally trained guides, offering informative and exhilarating adventures. The routes are off the beaten track, going deep into the wilderness to discover the wonders that Africa has to offer on horseback. This is true, wild Africa, be sure that you’ll leave only your hoofprints and heart behind.

Ride locations

Arusha National Park

Just half an hour from Tanzania’s safari capital, Arusha National Park offers a kaleidoscope of fascinating habitats and unique wildlife. While not home to lions and elephants, the charismatic black-and-white colobus monkey is the flagship species and large herds of buffalo find haven in the Ngurdoto Crater. Mt Meru, Tanzania’s second tallest mountain stands guard over the lush green forests, rolling savannahs, and sparkling Momela lakes, tinged pink with thousands of flamingos.

Horse riding with elephants in Arusha National Park
Ride amongst giants on the Kilimanjaro Elephant Trail

The Serengeti & Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Meaning “endless plains” in Maasai, this is the Africa most people dream of. Here you can witness the natural phenomenon as millions of wildebeest, zebra and gazelle embark on their annual migration. Become part of the herd as you gallop across the plains, keeping a keen eye out for the big cats that thrive here. This is one of those very rare places that somehow manages to surpass expectations and take your breath away.

Canter across the plains in the Serengeti
Feel freedom as you ride across the plains

Lake Natron

Lying north of the Ngorongoro Crater in the Great Rift valley, the crimson soda lake is a photographer’s dream. Riding from the traditional Masai bomas across vast plains teaming with wildlife, the area appears even more otherworldly. Fed by mineral-rich springs and the Ewaso Ng’iro River, this highly alkaline lake means death to most creatures. But in winter the lake comes to life as over two million pink flamingos come nest on the ash-coloured mud.

Horse Riding at Lake Natron Tanzania
Natron is a photographers dream destination


Horse riding in Zanzibar offers a unique and enchanting experience on this tropical island paradise. Imagine galloping along pristine beaches with turquoise waters lapping at your horse’s hooves, or meandering through picturesque villages and lush spice plantations. Riders can explore the island’s rich culture, historical sites, and scenic landscapes, all while enjoying the rhythmic pace of horseback riding.

Horse riding in Zanzibar
Enjoy riding on pristine beaches in Zanzibar

Safari Highlights

With the assistance of a luxury mobile camp set-up, spend 7 nights watching sunsets, sitting around campfires and sleeping out in the wilderness. Camps are set up in remote locations, and you’ll be welcomed with a warm smile and cool drink. 

The varied terrain offers some fun riding! Follow the ancient elephant trails, and jump over elephant-felled logs. Canter across the seemingly endless savannahs, weave your way through the dense forests and walk along the lakes, gazing at the flocks of flamingos. Horse riding in Tanzania can be fun and fast, so perfect for those looking for a thrilling horse safari. 

Experience close-up encounters with iconic African wildlife such as elephants, giraffes, zebras, and various antelope species while riding through the untamed landscapes of Tanzania.

Tanzania’s landscapes are incredibly diverse. From open plains to lush forests, riding allows you to traverse a variety of terrains, each with its own unique beauty. Ride through dense forests to find hidden lakes filled with hippos and flamingos. Feel your heart stop as you come across a herd of elephants with Mt Kilimanjaro looming over you. Canter across the vast plains of the Serengeti alongside herds of wildebeest, zebra and antelope. Each day offers unrivaled views from horseback.

In the beginning of the year, ride out to witness the magic and drama unfold during the calving season with thousands of wobbly calves and incredible big cat sightings.

At the end of your riding experience, fly to the idyllic tropical islands of Zanzibar, Mnemba or Mafia, favourites for families and honeymooners. Here you’ll find endless white beaches, azure water and an underwater wonderland waiting to be explored.

Horse Jumping elephant felled logs in Tanzania
Feel your heart race as you leap over elephant-felled logs
Riding amongst giraffes in Tanzania
Become part of a journey of giraffes
Tropical beaches in Zanzibar
Incredible guides, horses and team make this an incredible adventure


On a horse safari in Tanzania, you can experience the thrill of galloping across the vast savannah, encounter iconic wildlife like elephants and giraffes, explore remote areas unreachable by vehicles, and immerse yourself in the unique blend of adventure and nature that this equestrian journey offers.

Game drives in Tanzania are a quintessential African safari experience, offering the chance to encounter a stunning array of wildlife. Head out in a custom-made Land Rover to get a different perspective of the wildlife.

Tanzania is home to an incredible diversity of wildlife, including the Big Five (lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros), cheetahs, zebras, giraffes, wildebeests, hippos, and a plethora of bird species.

Various ethnic groups have their own styles of music and dance, often accompanied by drums, xylophones, and other traditional instruments. On Safari, your local guides will introduce you to their culture with welcoming songs and dances. And guests are welcome to learn the steps!

During peak season, combine your Kilimanjaro and Arusha horse safari with vehicle game viewing in the Serengeti, where you will be mesmerised by death-defying leaps across crocodile-infested rivers.

Horse riding in Zanzibar offers a thrilling experience as you canter along the pristine shoreline, and for an added touch of magic, you can even swim with your horse in the warm Indian Ocean waters, creating unforgettable memories of island equestrian adventure. 

Snorkeling in Zanzibar is a mesmerizing adventure, where crystal-clear waters reveal vibrant coral reefs teeming with colorful marine life, providing an underwater paradise for snorkelers to explore.


Elephants in Tanzania taken from horseback
Game drives offer great photo opportunities
Witness the herds of zebra, wildebeest and gazelle in the Serengeti
See the huge herds that gather in the open plains
Riding on the beach in Zanzibar
Ride along the white beaches in Zanzibar


Your horseback adventure starts near Arusha, either at the Polo Club or a nearby private villa. Guests arriving early, can relax next to the pool, explore the grounds or try their hand at a quick game of polo before settling in for the night. At dawn the veil of cloud on the horizon clears, revealing the majestic snow-capped peaks of Mt Meru or on clear days, Mt Kilimanjaro in the distance.

From the permanent lodge, you will be driven out to the mobile camps where you will meet your crew. These mobile camps are reminiscent of the old explorers who first came to Africa. Large canvas tents, beds decked out in white linen, brass washstands and outdoor showers under the stars. The camp is moved regularly, following the movements of the wildlife and weather patterns. Decadent meals are cooked over the coals, adding a unique flavour to all the dishes.

In Zanzibar, we can offer a number of amazing hotels and resorts. We do love the Z Hotel which is a boutique hotel situated close on Nungwi Beach. Home to the Zanzibar Horse Club, you can ride on the beach right in front of the hotel. Set in a lush tropical garden, this hotel has a number of colourful rooms and suites, all just steps away from the white powder beaches and the Indian Ocean.

Tented camp in Tanzania
Luxury tents on our mobile safaris
View from the Z Hotel Zanzibar
The view from the rooftop suites at the Z Hotel

Tanzanian Culture

A horseback safari in East Africa allows you to immerse yourself in the rich African culture, riding with local Masai warriors who will teach you about their unique heritage, traditions and language. A highlight of riding in Tanzania is getting to know the people and learning about the many cultures that call it home. There are over 100 tribes, all united by one common language – you will likely return home knowing a number of Swahili words and phrases. Here you will find that conversations start with long greetings and the locals will often ask about your family’s wellbeing as if they are long lost friends, and end with a warm lingering handshake. Most of the guides, grooms and camp staff come from local villages, with in-depth knowledge of the extraordinary landscape and the wildlife that inhabit it.

Tanzanian Woman with local attire
Visit the Masai villages to see their way of life


Why choose Tanzania for Safari?

Tanzania offers sensational scenery, unbelievable game viewing, the Great Wildebeest Migration and more bucket-list activities than any other (did you know you can go chimp trekking in Tanzania?) Combine your epic horse safari with an overland safari to see the Ngorongoro Crater and the Tarangeri tree climbing lions, or jet off for a few days of beach bliss.

Will I see wildebeest migration on horseback in the Serengeti?

The annual migration is one of the most incredible and misunderstood natural phenomena – the animals don’t follow our human calendars or respect our man-made borders. Our Migration ride in the Serengeti runs from January to April. While you will not see the dramatic river crossings many imagine, you will witness the magic of the savanna alive with newborn calves and the dramas that unfold as the predators move in.

Do I need a yellow fever vaccination for Tanzania

Tanzania is considered a low risk Yellow Fever Country. A vaccination certificate is only required for travellers coming from – or who are in airport transit for more than 12 hours – a country with risk of Yellow Fever transmission, including Kenya. Yellow fever vaccination which is given as a single dose ten days before travelling and offers lifelong protection.

How do we get to our horse safari?

Book your international flight to Kilimanjaro International Airport. From there, you will be transferred by road to Arusha, the starting point for most safaris in Tanzania. From Arusha, it is either a road transfer to your mobile camp on the Kilimanjaro Horse Safari or a scenic light air charter flight to your Serengeti camp.

How can I extend my African adventure?

Tanzania is a county that you could easily spend weeks or even months exploring. For those with more time, we would suggest an overland safari to see more of this incredible country such as the Serengeti, Ngorogoro Crater, Tarangire National Park and Lake Manyara. If you want to see the dramatic migration river crossings in July – September, then a combination of Tanzania and Kenya gives you the best chance to see this natural phenomenon.


Best days of my life!
Best experience of my life! Margot made booking and preparing for the trip easy and seamless. The 5 days on safari in Tanzania were genuinely the best days of my life. The guides and staff went above and beyond to give us comfort while camping out in the bush without sacrificing any thrilling wildlife encounters. You haven't lived until you've galloped through the wilderness of Tanzania with giraffes and elephants!

Chani ElisabethKilimanjaro Elephant Ride - Tanzania

Life-changing experience!
Dear Jo, Diego & the Kaskazi Safari team,Thank you very much for introducing and guiding me through the bush of such a beautiful country! Such and incredibly life-changing experience which was made possible because of the work of your team. A special thanks to Diego, the perfect safari horse, for keeping me safe whilst jumping over vicious acacia bushes, logs and galloping along giraffes and zebras! and creeping up to the gorgeous elephants )
Asante Sana!

Davci RutherfordKilimanjaro Elephant Ride - Tanzania


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