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Get to Know the People Behind African Horse Safaris


Chief Executive Officer and Safari Specialist

Having ridden all her life, Isabel brings horse expertise to the table. Coming from the UK, she first got bitten by the African bug 15 years ago on a family trip to Namibia. Since then, she has travelled across much of Southern and Eastern Africa, working with horse safari companies in both Botswana and Malawi before she landed in Zimbabwe. Here, she spent 2.5 years living in the bush with 30 horses at her disposal and seven giraffes in the back garden. It was in Zimbabwe she also developed an incredible love for polocrosse!

Combining her love of horses, travel and Africa, she heads up the team here at African Horse Safaris and acts as our horse safari guru. She has travelled extensively to our destinations and knows all our rides inside out. A bush-girl at heart, she makes sure she visits one of our riding destinations every few months, capturing incredible footage and inspiring others to follow their dreams of coming to Africa.


Horse Safari Specialist & Sales Team Leader

Originally from the UK, Kirsty’s love for Africa started when she visited Horizon Horseback in South Africa for Christmas and New Year 2007. She Instantly fell in love with the country, culture and people. From that moment on, Africa was under her skin, and she was addicted. She returned the following year, and in 2009, she took a 7-month career break to Volunteer and spend some more time living and working in South Africa. Her “short career break” turned into a life-changing event as she never returned to the UK. She now has the privilege of living in South Africa with her partner, stepdaughter, two dogs and cat. 

Her love for horses started at the age of 6 and she’s been riding ever since. Since living in South Africa I have had the incredible opportunity of working with some amazing horses. She still rides most weekends, finding her happy place cantering alongside zebras and giraffes in the Waterberg. When not riding, you’ll find her hiking, spending time with her family and exploring with her dogs.


Horse Safari Specialist

Daisy currently lives in Harare, Zimbabwe, where she was born. Growing up in Africa involved many incredible character-building experiences, including climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, riding around family farms in Zimbabwe and spending almost every August holiday camping on the Zambezi River in Mana Pools National Park. This gave Daisy a solid foundation for a love of adventure that has only continued growing. After leaving school, she developed an insatiable lust for travel and wished to gain as much experience as possible elsewhere in the world, which led to her living in places like China, Italy, and France and travelling to many more countries, which secured her wanderlust for life. 

After deciding that working in travel was the best way to include this passion in her life as much as possible and get others as excited about the adventure, she applied to work for a travel agency that specialised in traditional safaris in Africa. Moving on to riding in the bush was a dream come true, and after her first horse safari, she was hooked. So far, she has been able to experience riding in the deserts of Morocco, splashy canters in the Okavango Delta, the Salt Pans of the Makgadikgadi and in the shadows of Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. One of her strengths is using her knowledge and passion to create more complex and exciting itineraries that allow you to get as much out of your trip and budget as possible. These always show off the natural beauty of Africa. She’s very detail-oriented and loves designing stunning holiday memories for guests.

Kayleigh Taylor, a member of the African Horse Safaris team.


Horse Safari Specialist

Kayleigh is a spirited adventurer with a zest for life, music, and the enchanting world of animals. During her formative years, Kayleigh could often be found at the stables, bonding with her favourite horse. Those cherished weeks spent at the stables were the building blocks of her profound connection with these creatures. 

Fueled by her dual passions for music and animals, Kayleigh embarked on a diverse career path. From orchestrating live acts and event planning at a bustling Music and Entertainment agency to immersing herself in the world of veterinary care. However, it was a serendipitous opportunity to join the African Horse Safari team that truly set her heart racing. Fast forward to her first horse safari in Botswana, and a revelation dawned on her – she wanted to share the magic of this experience with people from every corner of the globe.

In her leisure moments, you’ll catch Kayleigh dancing to the rhythm of life, relishing downtime with her pets, and jetting off to warm, tropical destinations. For Kayleigh, life is an exhilarating journey, and she’s always ready to embrace the next chapter with open arms.

Hope Corr, capturing the spirit of adventure and exploration.


Horse Safari Specialist

Her journey into the world of horses and Africa began at a young age, all thanks to her first pony Flashy. Flashy came into Hope’s life when she was 8 years old, and she is very blessed to still have her as a part of her life today. This very special pony was a fundamental part of her childhood and career path. 

Choosing African Horse Safaris was an easy decision for her. Her love for horses and unwavering fascination with Africa’s extraordinary wildlife made it the perfect path. Being incredibly detail-orientated and having just completed her Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Marketing Management, Hope started off as a reservation coordinator but within a year, has moved into the sales team, creating unforgettable experiences for our clients.

Over the past year, she’s been fortunate to explore some of our most breathtaking destinations, including Ants Nest & Ants Hill, Horizon Lodge, our Big 5 Horse Safari in South Africa, and the unforgettable Kujwana Camp in the Okavango Delta. When not behind her laptop working, you’ll often find her spending time with Flashy, riding with friends, soaking up the sun at the gorgeous Cape Town beaches, and enjoying pool days.


Horse Safari Specialist

Sarah was born into a family big on conservation and wildlife rehabilitation, so it became her second nature. Horses followed soon after, and at age 5, the bug bit! She’s had some amazing equestrian partners over the years and can usually be found at the stables with her chestnut mare, hiking in the mountains or relaxing on the beach.

She likes to think fate brought her to African Horse Safaris. Although she has a degree in Finance, after doing a gap year in the US, a post for African Horse Safaris showed up on her social media, and the rest is history. Her favourite part of her job is connecting with people from around the world. She loves chatting with clients and helping their dreams become a reality- sharing the beauty of Africa with them is truly fulfilling. Her life quote is from Tony Bennett: “If you follow your passion, you’ll never work a day in your life.”.

She has been fortunate to have travelled to Botswana, Mozambique, Kenya, Eswatini, Lesotho, England, Thailand, Budapest, Finland, France and the United States of America, with many more on her bucket list! 


Horse Safari Specialist

Born in Brisbane, Australia, Christina has a lifelong passion for all things horses and riding. However, it wasn’t until her early thirties that fate led her to Africa. What started as a 7-day horse riding safari on the African Explorer quickly turned into a 21-day, once-in-a-lifetime journey exploring some of Southern Africa’s most iconic destinations. On day 16, her life changed forever with a chance allocation to her now husband’s safari vehicle.  

Seven months later, Christina packed up her life in Brisbane and moved to Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve to volunteer at a luxury lodge and to call South Africa home. Since then, she has worked in the luxury travel industry in the Kruger National Park, Johannesburg, and Cape Town. And has travelled extensively throughout South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Tanzania and Mozambique.

As a self-confessed happy hacker, Christina is happiest on horseback in the bush. And when not riding she spends her time hiking with her husband and dog, always looking for a new bird to tick off her list. She enjoys a cold beer on a hot day and a good red on a cold winter’s night. 


Equestrian Working Holiday Specialist

Having had the pleasure of owning and loaning a variety of horses throughout her childhood, Flo’s dream of combining travel with horses finally came true when she visited Zimbabwe at age 18. The passion for travel was ignited, and the next couple of years were spent working in Australia at a stud, and a polo yard before moving back to the UK to complete a Bachelor of Science Degree in Equine Sports Science.

Whilst studying, she captained the university polocrosse team (after picking up the sport in Zimbabwe – just like Isabel!) and competed in dressage and showjumping. As they say, Africa is addictive, and she was drawn back to complete her university placement year as a backup guide and volunteer in South Africa and Botswana. Flo knew then that her heart was left in Africa and decided to dedicate a year to researching African Horse Sickness for her undergraduate dissertation in order to make a positive impact on horses that had stolen her heart on the wonderful African continent.

Now back on African Soil, she’s taken on the role of working holiday specialist, helping people create amazing memories and getting them hooked on Africa. In her spare time, you’ll find Flo riding with dog by her side, or enjoying a beer with friends.


Reservations coordinator

Rebecca has travelled widely within South Africa and its neighbouring countries and spent all the holidays she can remember, immersed in the wilderness of the continent she is privileged to call home. Safaris in the Kruger, camping and hiking in the Drakensberg and road trips along the Garden Route all solidified a deep love of South Africa. These adventures have fueled a desire to discover more of Africa and to enable others to do the same. Through managing bookings and reservations, she shares this passion with guests to ensure that each one has an unforgettable experience that leaves them wanting more!

She spent much of her childhood living and riding on a small Wildlife Estate, just a stone’s throw away from the Kruger National Park. And while riding with zebra and giraffe is nothing new for her, it always gives her a thrill to see them from horseback! After school, she moved back to the Mother City and studied BSC at the University of Cape Town, specialising in Biology and Environmental Science before joining our team. 


Creative Marketing Executive

Born and bred in the Mother City, Tara was lucky to have grown up in beautiful South Africa. Family trips to the coast and bush ensured her love for nature and all animals was cemented early on. Tara’s affection for horses started on these road trips, hacking out in some of South Africa’s most scenic landscapes. With a desire to explore new cultures, swim in warm waters, and visit historical areas, Tara has been lucky to have travelled to Barcelona, Ireland, UK, Austria, Holland, France and the Greek Islands – land of the humble donkey. Closer to home, she’s visited the tropical beaches of Mozambique and Mauritius and seen the raging waters of Victoria Falls. And the craziest place she’s been to – Antarctica!

With a life-long love for writing, reading, and spitballing ideas no matter the topic, Tara started her career in SEO and e-commerce writing for a mix of consumer and luxury brands. She moved into the PR agency space for a few years, and in 2021, entered the world of luxury travel. There she found her curious mind and passionate nature put to the test helping make people’s bucket list adventures come true. And as we all know, once a horse girl, always a horse girl – which lead her to join the African Horse Safaris team.


Digital Advertising Manager

A true adventurer from the City of Gold in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her love for horse riding took off during her teenage years after a wild ride in Namibia where she experienced a runaway horse and an unexpected tumble. Since then, she’s dabbled in dressage, show jumping, polocrosse, cross-country, and even competitive endurance riding.

With a German upbringing and education, Meagan holds a degree in Marketing Communications and Media Management. Eager to explore the world, she jetted off to The Netherlands and Germany, racking up some serious passport stamps all over Europe. After a stint back in Johannesburg, she now calls Cape Town home. Meagan’s career journey has been just as thrilling as her travels. She’s made her mark at big-name media agencies, both traditional and digital media. She’s known as a hybrid in the industry, from campaign management to media planning, media buying, strategy and market research. And now, she’s blended her passion for horses with her media expertise at African Horse Safaris, where work feels like play and passion meets profession.


Marketing Executive

Margot grew up in the dusty fishing town of Walvis Bay in Namibia. This is where she fell in love with horses, spending most afternoons riding in the nearby dune belt and swimming bareback in the lagoon.  School holidays were spent searching for desert elephants in Damaraland or long road trips across the county following the rains. With a long bucket list, she has ticked off: horse riding under the midnight sun in Iceland, sailing in Turkey and the Greek Islands, skydiving over the Namib Desert, scuba diving in Thailand, flying over the Okavango Delta, galloping across the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans and gorilla trekking in Uganda.

Even travelling extensively, the call of Africa has always brought her back home. She has a tourism and sales background and worked at a luxury safari operator creating bespoke tours across the continent. She’s brought her passion for adventure and safari background to her role as marketing executive.


Co-Founder & Director

In 2002, Greg stepped onto this wonderful continent for the first time, to backpack his way from Ethiopia down to South Africa. He fell in love with Africa, and in 2004, he co-founded what is now one of the biggest voluntourism companies in the world – African Impact. In 2022 he also became the co-founder of a marine research volunteer project called Marine Impact .

Greg loves a challenge and is always looking for new adventures. Whilst perhaps it is fair to say he is not the finest jockey going (!), he knows the African tourism industry inside out. He has proven himself time and time again, recently winning the Young Leader Award 2015 by the International Hotel Investment Forum, and is, therefore, the perfect match for steering African Horse Safaris in the right direction.