A horse ride in Namibia is an African adventure you will remember and treasure for the rest life.

Namibia with its stark and striking landscapes will take your breath away. Out there, in the middle of nowhere, you will find a form of peace and tranquility so rarely found in the world today.

Immerse yourself in Namibia’s hauntingly beautiful scenery, while learning about the unique flore and fauna which inhabits the landscapes. Traversing these sparse, wide and varying terrains will give you a sense of adventure very difficult to rival. You can expect thrilling and challenging horse riding across all of these rides.


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11 Days: £ 4 740 pp

The Namib Desert Ride

Up to 11 Days


Scenery Focused Horse Safari

These true adventures take you through some of the most unique and breathtaking desert landscapes on earth.

10 Nights: £ 4 740 pp

Damaraland Horse Riding Safari

10 Nights


Wildlife Focused Horse Safari

Damaraland of Namibia is a fascinating and spectacular setting for an unforgettable horse riding safari.


Wolwedans Lodge Riding Holiday in Namibia

Up to 7 Nights


Scenery & Non Riders Horse Safari

A horse riding holiday in Namibia for those who love all things wild, free and luxurious

10 Nights: £ 4 740 pp

The Wild Horses Ride in Namibia

10 Nights


Scenery Focused Horse Safari

This is an adventure like no other; from the iconic dune sea of the Namib Desert to the edge of the Sperrgebiet National Park.

Safari horses on edge of canyon

10 Nights: £ 4 740pp

Desert Canyons horse ride in Namibia

10 Nights


Scenery Focused Horse Safari

This ride will take you through some of Namibia’s most spectacular geological scenery.

Horse Riding Namibia

Namibia, with its stark and striking landscapes, will take your breath away. An African riding safari in Namibia is an adventure like no other. Prepare for a thrilling and challenging riding safari across otherwise inaccessible deserts, open plains, through ancient volcanic craters to the famed Skeleton Coast. Immerse yourself in Namibia’s hauntingly beautiful scenery, flora and fauna with a rare combination of peace, tranquillity and exhilaration rivalled by very few places in the world.

Despite the vastness of the country, Namibia is the least heavily populated country in Africa. Cross the country with only the company of your fellow horse riders crossing paths with no one else for the entirety of your trip. Eat and sleep under the stars with the stunning canopy of the southern hemisphere as your ceiling for a completely wild horse safari experience.

From horseback, see elephant, rhino, oryx, the beautifully elusive gerenuk and some of the last remaining prides of desert lion all uniquely adapted to the harsh conditions of the desert. Due to the wild nature of the Namibian landscape, the pace and distance of the ride and the wildlife often encountered, the level of horse riding required is intermediate and above. Riding in the Namib Desert is a truly epic adventure for the intrepid equestrian.

From the Namib Desert to Damaraland

Crossing the Namib Desert is an adventure of contrasts and wonders. Enjoy long days rides and free gallops across this magnificent desert during the day and spend evenings cosy around the campfire under the awe inspiring blanket of stars. Cover 350km of stunning scenery, riding alongside the desert wildlife that roams the open plains. Start with the famous sand dunes of Sossusvlei, a world away from where you end on the dramatic coastline of the Atlantic. The contrasting scenery is bound to blow you away. Travelling at an impressive pace over such a distance, this riding safari is not for the faint-hearted. It is an epic bucket-list horseback adventure for experienced riders looking to travel the extra mile. Namibia will prove to be a riding holiday like no other.

Virtually inaccessible, Damaraland is a fascinating and spectacular setting for your horse riding safari. This incredibly diverse area is home to ancient and beautiful rock engravings on the extinct volcanic craters of Twelflfontein. In a place where rainfall is scarce, the wildlife of Damaraland has cleverly adapted. You can see here desert species of elephant, rhino, lion, oryx and springbok. Embrace the adventure of horse riding across one of the last true wildernesses we have left. Explore Islenbergs (island mountains) that make dramatic exceptions to the openness of the desert and then finish at the craggy and dramatic skeleton coast, where the shells of many ill-fated ships litter the shore. Explore the southern route and peer into the magnificent Fish River Canyon before heading south towards the order with South Africa.

Namibian Culture

Namibia’s cultures span across incredible distances for such a sparsely populated country of just 2.1 persons per square kilometer and a population of 1.8million. On your riding safari you will get a taste of Namibia’s cultural and historical flavour.

The German colonization left its mark on Namibia which is largely German speaking even today. The country’s diverse, dramatic and harsh climate contributed to its historical story and you will see glimpses of this during your horseback safari.


In Namibia the usual accommodation guests opt for is… no accommodation! Choose to sleep-out under the glorious southern stars on an off-the-floor camp bed, complete with a cosy duck-down duvet and bedroll containing an insulating mattress. Tents are available if you’d prefer to sleep under cover after your day on horseback, however, once you have experienced sleeping under the spectacular copy of stars, you are unlikely to opt for a tent. It may just be one of the highlights of your holiday! Hot bucket showers and portable loos are available at each camp. Spend your nights sitting round the campfire enjoying the incredible cuisine that is produced over the humble open fire.


Isn’t Namibia too hot for horses?

All horse safaris in Namibia are scheduled in the cooler winter months between May and October when the day temperatures are between 18 to 27 degrees celsius. Rides set off early in the morning and rest during the heat of the day, so both riders and horses can have a well deserved break.

What kind of horses do they use on safari?

Many of the horses used on safari are home-bred on the farm near Windhoek – these are a combination of Warmblood, Arab and Quarter Horse which creates brilliant safari horses. Others are sturdy South African Boerperde, which are known for being tough, versatile and athletic.

How fit do I need to be for a Namibian Horse Safari?

Our Namibia rides are some of our toughest rides – but the reward for being prepared is phenomenal! We recommend that you are riding fit; riding at least 2-3 times a week, as you will be covering up to 350km on horseback over varied terrain. The riding is thrilling, with fast paced canters, ever changing scenery and desert-adapted wildlife.

Can you cater for vegetarians on safari?

As long as they have the information well in advance, yes. We request your food and drinks preferences when booking as everything is transported to camp in a vehicle – it is incredible what a team of knowledgeable chefs can do with a few pots and a campfire!

How do I get to Namibia?

The most popular route is to fly via Johannesburg or Cape Town to Windhoek where your horse safari begins. There are daily flights and this also gives you the option to explore other Southern African countries before or after your riding holiday. Air Namibia also flies directly from Frankfurt to Windhoek if this is more convenient.