A horse ride in Namibia is an African adventure you will remember and treasure for the rest life. Namibia with its stark and striking landscapes will take your breath away. Out there, in the middle of nowhere, you will find a form of peace and tranquility so rarely found in the world today.

Immerse yourself in Namibia’s hauntingly beautiful scenery, while learning about the unique flore and fauna which inhabits the landscapes. Traversing these sparse, wide and varying terrains will give you a sense of adventure very difficult to rival. You can expect thrilling and challenging horse riding across all of these rides.

Wild Horse Riding

Namib Desert

Crossing the hauntingly beautiful Namib Desert is an unrivalled horseback adventure. The desert is a place of contrasts and wonders, like the bizarre 1000-year-old Welwitschia plants, ephemeral rivers that flow for just a few short hours after rain and mysterious “fairy circles”.  Here you spend the day galloping over some of the most spectacular landscape imaginable, evenings telling stories around a roaring fire, and nights dreaming under a blanket of a billion stars.  Covering almost 400km at a fast pace, this is not for the faint-hearted, but it is without doubt a bucket-list ride.


Virtually inaccessible, Damaraland is a fascinating and spectacular setting for an unforgettable horse-riding safari.  This incredible area boasts the ancient rock engravings of Twyfelfontein, an extinct volcanic crater that few have seen, and the formidable Skeleton Coast littered with shipwrecks. In a world dictated by rainfall you can encounter the incredible desert adapted elephants, rhino, oryx, springbok, and some of the last remaining desert lion.  The sheer remoteness of this challenging riding safari makes it unsuitable for inexperienced riders but promises to be a life-changing experience.

Horse Riding Tours in Namibia

11 Days: £ 4 150 pp

The Namib Desert Ride

Up to 11 Days


Scenery Focused Horse Safari

These true adventures take you through some of the most unique and breathtaking desert landscapes on earth.

10 Nights: £ 4150 pp

Damaraland Horse Riding Safari

10 Nights


Wildlife Focused Horse Safari

Damaraland of Namibia is a fascinating and spectacular setting for an unforgettable horse riding safari.


Wolwedans Lodge Riding Holiday in Namibia

Up to 7 Nights


Scenery & Non Riders Horse Safari

A horse riding holiday in Namibia for those who love all things wild, free and luxurious

10 Nights: £ 4 150 pp

The Wild Horses Ride in Namibia

10 Nights


Wildlife & Scenery Focused Horse Safari

This is an adventure like no other; from the iconic dune sea of the Namib Desert to the edge of the stunning Sperrgebiet National Park.