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The Crème-de-la-crème of Horse Riding Safari Holidays

Botswana is one of the best places on earth to head out on safari and immerse yourself in true, unspoilt wilderness. With incredibly diverse ecosystems, Botswana boasts an incredible diversity of wildlife. Exploring this wilderness on horseback is exhilarating, and your first encounter with a herd of elephants will leave you awe-inspired! Not only will you find these gentle giants, but rarer species such as leopards, wild dogs, brown hyenas and lechwe are also commonly seen on horseback.

Horse riding in Botswana will stay with you forever. The guiding, accommodation and, most importantly, the horses available in Botswana are exceptional! The horse riding safaris offered are as varied as you could imagine – Taking you from harsh desert lands to delta wetlands and beyond! The riding here is fast-paced and incredibly exciting, with some horseback safaris even offering the chance to jump elephant-felled logs. On horseback, the game viewing is exceptional, and you can traverse areas seldom seen by any other human. With unforgettable game drives, photographic safaris and mokoro rides for non-riding partners or those who want a break from the saddle, Botswana has earned its place at the top of many riders’ bucket lists.


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Horse riding at Cha Cha Metsi in the Okanvango Delta

7 Nights: From USD $6300GBP £EUR €ZAR RAUD $ pp sharing

Cha Cha Metsi Explorer – Okavango Horse Safari

  • 7 Nights
  • Botswana
  • Wildlife & Scenery Focused Safari
Combine the luxury of a permanent lodge with the adventure of a mobile safari, for an unforgettable adventure.
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Horse safari at Cha Cha Metsi

3 Nights: From USD $2085GBP £EUR €ZAR RAUD $ pp sharing

Cha Cha Metsi – Okavango Delta Horse Safari

  • 3-10 Nights
  • Botswana
  • Wildlife & Scenery Focused Safari
Embark on an unforgettable horse safari at Cha Cha Metsi, where the Okavango Delta unveils its wild wonders in style.
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Horse riding at Kujwana with Okavango Horse Safaris

5 nights: From USD $GBP £3500EUR €ZAR RAUD $ pp sharing

Kujwana Camp – Okavango Delta Horse Safari

  • 3 - 10 Nights
  • Botswana
  • Wildlife & Scenery Focused Safari
Experience the original Okavango Delta Horse Safari with two exclusive camps and endless wildlife possibilities.
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Horse riding in the Tuli

7 nights: From USD $GBP £2117EUR €ZAR RAUD $ pp sharing

South Africa & Botswana African Explorer

  • 7 Nights
  • South Africa & Botswana
  • Wildlife Focused Horse Safari
Seamlessly blending South Africa and Botswana\'s incredible landscapes into a single, unforgettable horse safari.
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10 nights: From USD $8025GBP £EUR €ZAR RAUD $ pp sharing

Botswana & Victoria Falls Combination Safari

  • 8 - 12 Nights
  • Botswana & Victoria Falls
  • Wildlife & Scenery Focused Safari
Where the wonders of the wild and awe-inspiring beauty of Victoria Falls come together to create a tailor-made journey.
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Cha Cha Metsi Buffalos

8 nights: From USD $7465GBP £EUR €ZAR RAUD $ pp sharing

Desert & Delta Horse Safari – Ultimate Botswana

  • 8 Nights
  • Botswana
  • Wildlife & Scenery Focused Safari
The ultimate Botswana horse safari combining two unique landscapes - the Okavango Delta and Kalahari Desert.
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Horse riding on the Wild Coast of South Africa

12 nights: From USD $GBP £5360EUR €ZAR RAUD $ pp sharing

Wildlife & Waves – Tuli & Wild Coast Trail

  • 12 / 16 Nights
  • South Africa & Botswana
  • Scenery Focused Horse Safari
For intrepid travellers, this adventure combines riding on untouched beaches and incredible wildlife from the saddle.
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Cycle by Wildebeest on Botswana safari

7 nights: From USD $GBP £2226EUR €ZAR RAUD $ pp sharing

Tuli Horse Safari & Cycle Trail – Botswana

  • 7 Nights
  • Botswana
  • Wildlife Focused Horse & Cycle Safari
For non-riding partners, discover the perfect fusion of equestrian adventure and cycling thrills in the Tuli.
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Horse Riding in the Okavango Delta

7 nights: From USD $4955GBP £EUR €ZAR RAUD $ pp sharing

Mobile Fly Camping – Okavango Delta Horse Safari

  • 7 Nights
  • Botswana
  • Wildlife Focused Horse Safari
Set off on an environmentally conscious journey to explore the untouched splendor of the Okavango Delta on horseback.
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3 Nights: From USD $3690GBP £EUR €ZAR RAUD $ pp sharing

Kalahari & Makgadikgadi Salt Pans Ride

  • 3 - 5 Nights
  • Botswana
  • Wildlife & Scenery Focused Safari
Embark on an otherworldly adventure as you canter across the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans alongside unique desert wildlife.
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Horse riding holidays in Botswana allow you to connect with nature and wildlife in a way few other experiences can match. You’ll have the opportunity to witness incredible wildlife up close, from elephants to antelope, as you embark on guided horse safaris. It’s a perfect blend of adventure, luxury, and a deep connection with the natural world, making it an unforgettable equestrian travel destination for those who seek both exhilaration and serenity in the heart of Africa. The Okavango Delta and Tuli are ideal for experienced riders. You’ll be riding through incredible wilderness areas and encountering a variety of wildlife, which require a certain level of riding skill and confidence. Intermediate riders can also enjoy a horse safari in the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans. The vast open plains make it an accessible adventure for those newer to horseback riding while still offering the opportunity to explore this unique and mesmerising landscape.

But Botswana is not only for horse riders, it offers an unforgettable adventure holiday for families, friends and groups. Just getting to the camps is an adventure, with a thrilling helicopter or light air charter flight! Offering a variety of unforgettable safari experiences such as game drives, guided walks, photographic safaris, animal interaction, quad biking, helicopter flight and more, there is something for everyone!

Ride locations

Okavango Delta

Imagine exploring the pristine wilderness of the Okavango Delta on horseback, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of this untamed landscape. Known to many as Africa’s Eden, the Delta is famous for its annual flood and abundance of wildlife; the area provides a haven for a huge array of wildlife. In the Okavango Delta flood months (June – October) these horseback safaris offer the unique experience of cantering across flooded plains, grinning from ear-to-ear as you get drenched in splashing water. Known for huge herds of elephants, pods of hippos, prides of lions and packs of wild dogs, you’ll also find antelope species well adapted to this watery environment, and a safari here always promises incredible game viewing

Horse riding in the Okavango Delta
Splashy canters in the Okavango Delta

The Tuli/Mashatu Game Reserve

On the border of Botswana, South Africa, and Zimbabwe lies the unfenced and vast Mashatu Game Reserve – Another haven for horse riders. Known as the ‘Land of Giants’, you’ll see huge herds of elephants, towering baobab trees and endless big skies! The area is famous for its wildlife and is home to lion, cheetah, leopard, large herds of elephants and a multitude of plains game like zebra, wildebeest and giraffe. Imagine long canters kicking up dust and weaving your way through the endless bush wilderness with wildlife around every corner

Horse riding in the Tuli
Riding in the Land of the Giants

Makgadikgadi Salt Pans

For those horseback riders looking for something a little different, a speed fix and an adrenaline rush, or simply a complete change of scenery – the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans will deliver. Hear your horses’ hooves crunch across the wide-open salt pans that stretch as far as the eye can see, the best natural race surface in the world! Enjoy a good gallop, spectacular sunsets and perhaps even sleeping under the stars. Desert-adapted wildlife, Meerkat encounters and walks with Bushmen all create an unforgettable safari experience

Horse riding in the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans
Endless horizons of the Kalahari Desert

Safari Highlights

For anyone who has ever watched the National Geographic channel, Botswana is always at the top of their must-see safari destinations. And it never disappoints! You never know if you’ll have wild dog joining you for breakfast, a dazzle of zebra allowing you into their midst, or a herd of elephants offering some heart-stopping moments in the saddle! And you get the chance to watch Big Cat Dairies and Meerkat Mansions up close and personal.

Great breeding herds of elephants gather in the delta during the floods, making for spectacular sights as they gather around large lagoons filled with hippos. Explore past the herds of zebras, red lechwe, impalas and reedbuck that graze on the islands between the flood plains and pause to watch a giraffe browsing the tallest trees. It is called Africa’s Eden for a reason and is not to be missed!

There is something incredibly special about cantering through water, grinning from ear to ear and hearing your fellow riders whoop and laugh beside you. In the high water season, it’s a childhood dream come true for many horse riders. Plus, you never know if the herds of lechwe, zebra or even giraffe will join in the fun.

The Makgadikgadi offers an entirely different scene; the pans make up a large area of North Eastern Botswana and are separated by sandy desert islands. During the green season, witness the pans fill with enormous herds of migratory zebra and wildebeest, often seen in their thousands – Africa’s second-biggest land migration.

Jump down from a morning’s horse safari to visit the meerkat colonies and watch closely as they venture above ground to bask in the first morning rays, unfazed by your presence. These cute critters will leave you with long lasting memories.

Riding with Zebra in the Okavango Delta
Unforgettable wildlife from the saddle
Horses galloping in the Okavango Delta
Thrilling canters through the Okavango Delta
Horse riding in the Tuli
Unforgettable elephant encounters from horseback


Guided game drives in open 4×4 vehicles allow you to get closer to the more intimidating wildlife, such as elephants and big cats. The steady vehicles give you great opportunities for wildlife photography, often getting within a few meters of lions and leopards! Your guides will share their incredible knowledge of these creatures with you. After sunset, head back to camp in the dark, allowing you to spot nocturnal creatures like leopards, hyenas, and owls, which are typically more active after dark. And of course, remember to take a moment to take in the African stars.

Glide through the waterways of the Okavango Delta in traditional dugout canoes called mokoros, known as the Gondolas of Africa. This serene and eco-friendly experience allows for excellent birdwatching and up-close encounters with aquatic wildlife and gives you a different perspective of animals like elephants and buffalo grazing on the banks.

Slow down and join expert guides for walking safaris, which offer a unique opportunity to explore the bush on foot. Learn about tracking animals, the local flora, and the smaller, often overlooked, creatures of the wilderness.

Botswana is a photographer’s paradise. Join specialised photographic safaris that provide expert guidance and access to prime locations for capturing incredible wildlife and landscape shots.

Experience the breathtaking landscapes of Botswana from the air with scenic flights over the Okavango Delta, the Kalahari Desert, and other iconic destinations.

In the Salt Pans, you can swap out a horse for a quad bike and head off deep into the desert landscape, where it’s so quiet you can hear your own heartbeat.

We can create tailor-made safaris including multiple destinations in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia. One of our favourite combinations is adding on a few nights in Victoria Falls after your horse riding holiday in Botswana.

Wild dogs from game drive in the Okavango Delta
Game drives in open vehicles
Mokoro Safari in the Okavango Delta
Mokoro Safari in the Okavango Delta
Helicopter over Okavango Delta
Scenic Helicopter flights in the Okavango Delta


Botswana’s commitment to low-impact, eco-conscious tourism ensures that your safari experiences are not only thrilling but also environmentally responsible. With luxury lodges that blend seamlessly into the natural surroundings, this is the epitome of luxury adventure travel in Africa, where every moment brings you closer to the untamed beauty of the wild.

Unwind in one of our exclusive luxury camps, which perfectly intertwines all those creature comforts with the bush wilderness experience. Return from fast-paced mornings in the saddle, recline by the pool and watch elephants drinking from a nearby lagoon. You may prefer to embrace nature to the fullest on one of the mobile camping safaris. Here you’ll dine under the stars every night, siesta in the shade under trees and enjoy a hot bucket shower hung from a tree to wash off the dust from a day in the saddle. And for those that like a combination of it all, our expedition-style safari in the Tuli offers a tented camp, sleep out and a unique treehouse!

Okavango Delta Tented Camp
Macatoo Camp in the Okavango Delta

Botswana Culture

From the minute you step off the plane and into the saddle, you will be met with the smiling faces of the Botswanans. The energy and vibe in Botswana is infectious, you will quickly find yourself smiling too as you chat to your guides, grooms and camp staff. On the Makgadikgadi horse safari, you get the privilege of spending time with the San Bushmen, who will show introduce you to their traditional ways of living in the desert.

Bushmen in the Kalahari Desert
Meet the San Bushmen in the Kalahari


When is the best time to visit the Okavango Delta?

The Okavango offers a spellbinding experience and great wildlife throughout the year. The hottest months are November to February and the coolest from June until August. If you are looking for flood plains to canter through, then you will need to head to the Okavango Delta between June and October but do remember flood water can never be guaranteed.

Am I good enough rider to go on horse safari in Botswana?

The majority of the riding in Botswana takes you through areas with bigger game, and as a result, requires an intermediate plus or advanced level of riding.  However, in the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, even novice riders can discover the magic of horse riding in Botswana.  Here the wide-open landscapes means you are highly unlikely to come across any wildlife by surprise and thus can cater for a less confident rider. Enquire for more options.

Can I combine Botswana with Victoria Falls?

A wildlife safari in Botswana combines brilliantly with a trip to the world-famous Victoria Falls. You fly directly from your Delta lodge or Maun International Airport to Kasane (1.5 hours) and then take a transfer (organised by us) to Victoria Falls (Approx 1.5 hours).

Where do I fly into for a horse safari in Botswana?

The majority of our rides start and end at Maun International Airport – Most flights go via Johannesburg but you can arrive via Nairobi or Windhoek. The Tuli Ride in Mashatu Game Reserve starts and ends from Johannesburg.

What is the best horse safari in Botswana?

It really depends what you are looking for. If you are looking to canter across water-filled flood plains then you want the Okavango Delta. If you are looking for a healing and mindfullness retreat (with some epic gallops!) the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans offer just this. Or perhaps you are looking for an exciting trail ride in Southern Botswana where you can jump elephant-felled logs on the Tuli Trail.


Wonderful memories and great friends!
I had a great time and made some wonderful memories and new friends. I rode Radar and McGuinness. I think that of the two locations, I was most impressed with Botswana. I like the open areas and the plethora of animals and new scenery. Plus, I LOVED the treehouse camp! All the camps were wonderful, and the food was really next level for each meal. I loved how the staff sang to us before dinner in Botswana. One of my favorite memories will have to be as we rode into a plains area and on our left, impala and wildebeest were running, in the distance, a small group of elephants were hurrying on their way, and then as we turned the corner, a bat eared fox was jumping through the tall grass as more animals frolicked around us – a herd of zebra and a family of giraffes. Definitely seemed to bring a lot of the amazing things of the Mashatu Game Reserve together in one moment.

Nicole SchrockAfrican Explorer - South Africa and Botswana

It is the best trip I have ever done!
I recently came home from Botswana, having been on the Tuli safari and oh my god, it is the best safari trip I have ever done. Seeing the animals from the horseback is something completely different to seeing them from the car, and I absolutely loved my horse Wind. He was safe and steady and fast and simply amazing. Also, the reserve itself was so beautiful, so wild and so vast. I loved riding there! We had incredible food for every single meal (how's it even possible?), the camps were beautiful, the group was great, and the riding was excellent. The guides were extremely knowledgeable and I felt safe every day riding with them. We saw an amazing number of elephants every day, and got close to giraffes, hyenas, zebras and many more animals. Furthermore, booking the trip through African Horse Safaris was a great experience, and I will without a doubt book my next one through you as well. You took the time to answer all my 10000 questions, and quickly at that, and were so helpful. I'd recommend African Horse Safaris and the Tuli ride to any rider I know. Take the trip!

Joanna SanchezTuli Horse Safari - Botswana

Fantastical holiday of my dreams!
I had the most fantastical holiday of my dreams. Thank you so much! I absolutely loved it & rode some superb horses from the speedy appaloosa which apparently David rides & is the lead horse in Camp Kalahari, to the cheeky Holdall the Fresian cross in Okavango Horse Safari camp Kujwana, to my absolute favourite the gorgeous flea bitten grey small Arabian called Skimmer who gave me a fabulous days riding & reminded me of my old Arab horse we even went swimming bareback across the flooded channel in the delta. I did offer to give him a home! It was the stuff of dreams & had so many animal encounters. I don't often want to go back to places I have climbed or trekked but I would definitely love to go back to Kujwana, what an amazing place!

Karen AshMakgadikgadi Salt Pans and Kujwana Horse Safari - Botswana

I had the most amazing time at Macatoo camp, Okavango Delta. Botswana.
The horses were fantastic and living their best life. The rides and the animals we encountered was non invasive and also at a good pace. You truly felt part of the environment.
The guides and team at Macatoo are wonderful. I went on my own and felt so comfortable. Kayleigh who organised my trip was brilliant. I feel I now have a Botswana family I need to return too! I will go back!

Katie HookMacatoo Horse Safari - Botswana

I can’t believe how incredible it was!
This trip was the best week of my life. I can’t believe how incredible it was! Gosh, favourite memories include: Water canters on Guinness, Elephant friends, Seeing mating lions, Running with the lechwe/tsessebe/buffalo on Nxabega, Springing to the jeep post night ride, Thabo driving like hell to catch lions at dark- AND THEN seeing them take down a wildebeest AND THEN watching 30 hyenas come in to try and steal the kill, Galloping in the water on Cuenene and getting soaking wet! Seeing the old baobab tree… The list goes on! How am I supposed to live a normal life now?? The countdown is on for when I can one day return!

Katelyn GibbsMacatoo Horse Safari - Botswana


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