We often get asked if it is possible to team a horse riding safari with non-riders? The answer is yes. We have several horse safaris that work extremely well with a mixed group, or couple, that has both riders and non-riders.

This is the same for families; we can cater for children from the age of 5 in some of our reserve-based rides, and then from 12 + in fence-less areas where you can come across the Big 5. Please inquire if you would like more details on this.

Horse Riding Tours Suitable for Families & Non-riders

Antelope and horses galloping in the water

1 Night: from £ 580pppn

Kujwana Camp – Okavango Delta Horse Safari

5 - 10 Nights


Wildlife & Scenery Focused Safari

Experience the original Okavango Delta Horse Safari with two exclusive camps

1 Night: From £ 295 pp

Riding at Ant’s Hill and Ant’s Nest


South Africa

Wildlife & Scenery Focused Horse Safari

Excellent riding, luxury accommodation, spectacular sundowners and great game viewing.

1 Night: From £ 164 pp

Horse Riding Holiday in The Waterberg


South Africa

Scenery & Wildlife Focused Horse Safari

Nestled in the depths of the stunning Waterberg region, this is the ideal family horse safari experience.

1 Night: From $ 600 pp

Safari in the Foothills of Mt Kenya



Wildlife & Scenery Focused Horse Safari

Slot into the laid-back way of life in the foothills of Mt Kenya at Borana Lodge

1 Night: from USD 550 pp

Laikipia Horse Riding Safari in Kenya



Wildlife Focused Horse Safari

Enjoy exclusive and spectacular game viewing without another tourist in sight.

1 Night: From $ 750 pp

Chyulu Hills – Ol Donyo Lodge



Scenery & Wildlife Focused Safari

Horse riding in some of Kenya's most spectacular landscapes

Tropical half underwater horse and rider

3 Nights: from $ 2 395pp

Surf & Turf Horse Safari in Mozambique

3-7 Nights


Scenery Focused Horse Safari

A horse safari in Mozambique is an unparalleled experience for those who love all things exotic.