Riding in Egypt offers a true horseback adventure, with historic temples, and famous landmarks such as the Red Sea and the River Nile. This unique horse riding destination allows you to explore Egypt’s famous historic sites. Visit the site of the ancient Thebes, and the Royal tombs of the Valley of the Kings, while enjoying some great hours in the saddle.

Enjoy some epic gallops through the desert, with the wind in your hair and sand getting stuck in your teeth as you can’t help but grin. Take your horse swimming and then take yourself swimming with dolphins! Our most common trip is the 7 night option below. However, we can create tailor-made trips, such as to include Cairo and the Pyramids.

Makadi Bay

Just 40km south of Hurghada, Egypt’s oldest and most famous resort city, you will find the beautiful Makadi Bay.  On the outskirts of town, you will find the windswept Sahara Desert complete with camel trains and traditional Bedouin tribes.  Makadi Bay is famous for its everlasting beaches and clear waters and if you’re more Robinson Crusoe than Lawrence of Arabia, the crystal-clear waters and coral gardens will provide endless wonder. Here you can explore both sand and sea on horseback, exploring the endless desert sands and sun-drenched beaches before a well-deserved splash with your Arabian steed.

Horse Riding Tours in Egypt