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A horse riding holiday in Egypt is a journey into the heart of history and adventure, where the ancient world and the modern collide in a unique and exhilarating way.

Imagine galloping through the legendary landscapes that were once traversed by pharaohs and warriors, where the mighty Nile River meanders through timeless deserts and fertile valleys. This is a land where the echoes of history are carried on the hoofbeats of your trusty Arab, and where you can explore ancient temples, legendary pyramids, and bustling markets from a perspective that feels both timeless and utterly thrilling. Egypt’s equestrian traditions run deep, and a horse riding holiday here promises an unforgettable blend of culture, adventure, and the sheer magic of the Egyptian landscape

This unique experience allows you to immerse yourself in Egypt’s culture, providing a different perspective off the beaten tourist routes and transporting you back in time to witness Egyptian moments while forging a deep connection with the local way of life. Egypt on horseback is the most authentic way to explore this ancient land, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.


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7 nights: USD $GBP £2999EUR €ZAR RAUD $ pp sharing

Tombs, Dunes & Kingdoms

  • 7 Nights
  • Egypt
  • Scenery Focused Horse Safari
A new thrilling ride that combines riding in Luxor and Fayoum, with the chance to add on colourful Aswan and Abu Simble.
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7 nights: USD $GBP £2199EUR €ZAR RAUD $ pp sharing

Palms, Pyramids & Pharaohs on Horseback

  • 7 Nights
  • Egypt
  • Scenery Focused Horse Safari
Discover the best of Egypt on horseback - ancient wonders, breathtaking scenery and thrilling riding.
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8 nights: From USD $GBP £3800EUR €ZAR RAUD $ pp sharing

Fairytales of Fayoum on Horseback

  • 8 Nights
  • Egypt
  • Scenery Focused Horse Safari
Explore the oasis of Fayoum, the ancient city of Luxor, and tick of galloping in front of the pyramids of Giza.
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Egypt has a rich equestrian heritage, with Arabian horses symbolising pride and beauty. You have the chance to ride these graceful and spirited animals while experiencing the culture of Egyptian horsemanship. Horse riding in Egypt is a memorable way to connect with the country’s past and present, offering a blend of adventure, culture, and natural beauty that’s truly special.

Egypt is a land steeped in history, and riding these amazing Arabs allows you to immerse yourself in the footsteps of pharaohs and ancient civilisations. You can explore iconic sites like the Giza Pyramids, Luxor’s temples, and the Valley of the Kings, providing a truly immersive historical journey. Experience epic gallops through the desert, with the wind in your hair and sand getting stuck in your teeth as you can’t help but grin as you speed through the undulating landscape. Take your horse swimming in the turquoise waters of the Red Sea.

Ride locations in Egypt


Once the Ancient Egyptian capital is now a renowned open-air museum with well-preserved ancient Thebes-era monuments. The city’s location, nestled between the Nile and the Westbank necropolis, offers a captivating setting. Explore the temples of Karnak, Luxor, and Deir al-Bahri, along with Tutankhamun’s tomb in the sacred Valley of the Kings. Embark on an adventurous journey through traditional Bedouin Villages, along the Nile, and across vast desert landscape.

Horse riding in Luxor
Ride through the lush farmlands around Luxor

Makadi Bay

Just 40km south of Hurghada, Egypt’s oldest and most famous resort city, you will find the beautiful Makadi Bay. On the outskirts of town, you will find the windswept Sahara Desert, complete with camel trains and traditional Bedouin tribes. Makadi Bay is famous for its everlasting beaches and clear waters. Here you can explore sand and sea on horseback, galloping across the endless desert sands and sun-drenched beaches before a well-deserved splash with your Arabian steed.

Horse riding in the Red Sea
Swim in the red sea on horseback


One of Egypt’s oldest cities is a hidden treasure with a rich history. Named after the Coptic word “Phiom” or “Payomj,” meaning lake or sea, it was once an actual sea known for ancient whale fossils. South of the city lies Wadi El Rayan, a unique nature reserve and desert oasis with wildlife, a beautiful lake, waterfalls, and hidden tombs, all reachable by horseback. Explore picturesque landscapes or the vibrant village of Tunis, rich in flora, fauna, and pottery. Fayoum offers an ideal horse riding holiday, whether you seek adventure or relaxation.

Horse Riding in Fayoum
Explore off the beaten track


A trip to Egypt is incomplete without a visit to Cairo. Take in the sights and sounds of Egypt’s bustling capital city. Cairo or Umm al-Dunya (The Mother of the World) is a psychedelic blend of treelined streets, derelict buildings, colourful markets and intricately decorated mosques, all covered with a layer of dust and smelling of cardamom and coffee. With the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx just on the outskirts, it is as if the ancients still guard the secrets of this fascinating city.

Horse riding in Cairo
Canter in front of the pyramids

Safari Highlights

Egypt has beautiful open desert areas to ride across and plenty of space for epic gallops for an exhilarating ride. You can ride across empty beaches, sand dunes and gravel plains, which offers different and exciting riding during your adventure.

One of the highlights of riding in Egypt is the chance to gallop right in front of the pyramids in Cairo. This is an absolute thrill, your heartbeat matching the sound of your horse’s hoofbeats! It’s an epic photoshoot moment too!

Ride along the Nile and explore the historical wonders of Luxor, including the Valley of the Kings. Visit ancient tombs, temples, and archaeological sites, immersing yourself in Egypt’s rich history. See the valley from between your horse’s ears for a unique perspective of Egypt.

Watch the balloons take to the sky at dawn with a rainbow of colour! This is an unreal sighting and offers some great photo opportunities! For those to wish to take to the skies, there is the chance to embark on an incredible flight over the Luxor desert.

Explore the beautiful Rainbow Lake on horseback with your trusty steed. You can always switch out your mode of transportation for a 4×4 in Fayoum.

Enjoy magical sunset rides, where the golden hues of the Egyptian sky cast a warm glow over the landscapes. These rides offer a tranquil and picturesque way to end your day.

Interact with local communities and experience the vibrant culture of Egypt. Some tours may include visits to markets, traditional ceremonies, and opportunities to connect with the friendly locals.



Galloping in front of the pyramids of Giza
Thrilling riding in front of the pyramids
Horse riding in Luxor
See ancient artifacts from a new perspective
See the hot air balloons from horseback in Egypt
Watch the hot air balloons at dawn


All of our rides take you to see some of Egypt’s most famous, and best-kept secrets, monuments and temples. You’ll have an Egyptologist who’ll give you an in-depth insight into the history of this incredible country! Gallop in front of the ancient pyramids of Giza then hop off to see the Sphinx. Visit the Egypt museum in Cairo, the Karnak Temple, Hatshepsut’s Temple, the Colossi of Memnon, and the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, all with a dedicated guide who will share their knowledge of this intriguing ancient civilization.

Explore the Giza Plateau to witness the grandeur of the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. Take guided tours to delve into the rich history of these ancient wonders.

Enjoy a leisurely cruise along the Nile River, taking in panoramic views of Cairo’s skyline. The cruises offer dinner and entertainment, providing a unique perspective of the city.

Witness a captivating sound and light show at the Pyramids of Giza. This multimedia spectacle narrates the history of the ancient Egyptians against the backdrop of the illuminated pyramids.

There are many places in Egypt where you can go camel riding, an interesting way to learn about these animals and experience a different type of “riding”.

For the full authentic experience, a fun-filled evening will teach you the art of Belly Dancing.

If you’re more Robinson Crusoe than Lawrence of Arabia, the crystal-clear waters and coral gardens in Hurghada will provide endless wonder. You can also head out on a boat trip to have the chance to swim with wild dolphins.

Get the chance to visit Aswan, where Egypt’s history began as a vital trade centre with Nubia. This ancient city, located on the east bank of the Nile, offers serene landscapes for exploring its historic monuments, local crafts, and tranquil scenery by land or felucca. The colourful villages are a photographer’s dream.

Explore the Valley of Whales, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its fossilized remains of early whales. The site provides a unique glimpse into the evolution of marine life.

Visit the Fayoum Oasis, an agricultural area surrounded by lush greenery. Take a stroll through the palm groves and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Don’t miss the Fayoum Waterfalls, a series of cascades created by the overflow of Lake Qarun. It’s a scenic spot, especially during the winter when the flow is stronger.



See the pyramids of Giza from horseback
Explore the museums and temples in Egypt
Explore the museums and temples in Egpyt
Go sailing on the river Nile in Egypt
Sail in a traditional Felluca
Go on a boat trip on the Red Sea
Hop on a boat tour in search of wild dolphins


A trip to Egypt offers more than just a riding adventure; it’s an immersive cultural experience. From the moment you step off the plane, you’re treated like family. Accommodation is thoughtfully chosen for the best locations. In Cairo, you’ll find yourself just a stone’s throw from the pyramids, offering breathtaking views and comfortable, no-frills hotels. For a truly personal touch, your Luxor stay includes a local guesthouse with a stunning rooftop terrace overlooking the Valley of the Kings. Mornings begin with a delicious breakfast as you prepare for your horse ride, and evenings wind down with a glass of wine after a day in the saddle.

In Hurghada, you’ll stay in a beachfront hotel, allowing you to saddle up right outside your bedroom door. In Fayoum, you can choose between an authentic guesthouse or a Bedouin-inspired tented village. Aswan welcomes you with its vibrant, colourful houses and a menu filled with traditional home-cooked delights like dates, koftas, and baklava. It’s an adventure for the senses, offering not only incredible riding experiences but also a taste of local life and culture.

Egyptian Rooftop Terrace
Villa Nile Guesthouse in Luxor

Egyptian Culture

Egypt is overflowing with a vibrant and fascinating culture. On your riding holiday explore not only Egypt’s historic culture, traditions and food but also gain insight into modern-day living. Today Egypt is a melting pot of multiple cultures, ethnicities and traditions. There is a liberal ambience which you will experience through their extremely friendly and hospitable behaviour towards foreigners and tourists. Egyptians love to show off their country and will always share their services and enthusiasm with you.

Egyptian Man
Get an authentic glimpse into Egypt's Culture


How safe is Egypt?

From the minute you step of the plane in Egypt you will have 24 hour support throughout your adventure. Emma, who runs these rides and is from the UK, has been living, travelling and working there for over 10 years and knows the country inside out. The main tourist areas are no more dangerous than popular places you might visit in the US or Europe.

What to wear in Egypt?

While most locals follow the strict Muslim dress code, it is not reqired for tourists. Dressing conservatively is a way to show your respect to their culture, so we recommend long loose-fitting pants and shirts that cover the shoulders when not riding. Ladies can bring a scarf to cover their hair when visiting mosques or churches, and men should avoid shorts when not at the beach.

When is the best time for a horse trail in Egypt?

Egypt can be incredibly hot in summer, so horse riding holidays run in the cooler months from October to May.

Can I see the pyramids on horseback?

Visiting the 7th Wonder of the World, the Giza Pyramids by horseback, should be on every horse riders bucket list! We suggest adding an extra 3 days to your trip, and beginning your horse riding adventure in Egypt with an exhilarating ride to explore these incredible tombs.

Do i need a visa to visit Egypt?

For the vast majority of visitors to Egypt, including visitors from Europe, Australia, Canada and the United States, you can purchase your visa on arrival. It is best to pay in cash and make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months after travel. Visa’s can also be purchased online through Egypt’s Visa e-portal and it is best to double-check your visa requirements before travelling.


Magical. Already planning for our next trip!
I have just returned to Australia from my Palms and Pyramids tour. Egypt is just a magical country with all of its rich history and generally lovely, friendly locals… which was made even better being able to explore it on horseback! I loved every minute I spent on my 8 day tour, Emma is fabulous as well as our three guides Adham, Tommy and Yousef. They all really make you feel so welcome and a part of their Egyptian family in such a short time of knowing them. Their horses are fabulous and they pair all the riders perfectly to their horses. The horses are all very well trained and all make you feel very safe and looked after while riding. You can tell the horses love their jobs and are all very well cared for and loved by the whole team. The tour was a great mix of both riding and non riding experiences. My friend and I were both sad to leave Egypt at the end of the Ride Egypt tour and we are already planning for our next trip. We cannot wait to see everyone and the horses there again!

Ashlea SwanboroughPalms Pyramids and Pharaohs - Egypt

It was always a bucket list trip for me and this trip exceeded all expectations. This trip was by far the best experience I’ve ever had. Every tour guide we had treated us like family & Emma was so accommodating. Even though we were there during Ramadan, Emma made sure we were fully taken care of. I felt like she was the Queen of Egypt with the wonderful treatment we received. I was nervous about traveling with the majority of people I’d never met, but the entire group was amazing and it’s an experience I’ll cherish for a lifetime. We are already talking about other African Horse Safaris we are interested in doing next year. The entire trip was so amazing and I couldn’t recommend it enough. 10/10, 5 stars, I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Emma and her team!!!

Morgan MarksPalms Pyramids and Pharaohs - Egypt

Epic trip with a great group!
My first week back home was a bit hard, as such an adventure always ends with some holiday blues, but I will console myself with planning the next one! It was an epic trip with a great group! We've had an amazing time in Egypt. So lovely to meet them all and miss them already. And the horses of course! I loved my horses in Cairo and in Luxor, Faragella and Luna! Always at the very front in our races! My favorite memory is definitely galloping past the pyramids with my beautiful Arabian stallion Faragella! Thank you for making this experience possible! The service was great and the whole trip perfectly organized. Would love to go on another journey with you! Looking forward to the next adventure, after saving up a bit!

Franziska Scheitinger Palms Pyramids and Pharaohs - Egypt

I simply couldn’t have asked for more!
Great experience with African Horse Safaris, and a huge thank you to Kayleigh and Hope for your patience, guidance and support throughout. I went on a dream trip to Egypt, with AHS's amazing partner organization, Ride Egypt. The holiday was incredible, such a great service from African Horse Safaris and treated like royalty by Ride Egypt - I simply couldn't have asked for more and I cannot wait to start planning the next trip!

Ruth EdwardsAdventures of Luxor, Makadi Bay and Cairo - Egypt

So many of my dreams came true!
Highly recommended tour in Egypt! My week of Arab stallions made so many dreams come true. Galloping along the pyramids, in the desert, swimming with beautiful horses in the red sea or watching Egypt's breathtaking sunrise/sunset. The horses are well taken care of and loved. I did the tour about Palms, Pyramids and Pharaohs. Emma and her team are very good to the horses and really want you to have the best time. Not only for riding experiences I've never imagined to live one day, also for the non-riding time I am so happy about our experiences. We had very knowledgeable guides and learned a lot about Egyptian history. Emma and the team are happy to share what Egyptian culture means and are very authentic. My personal non-riding highlight was a dinner cruise on river Nile after the visit to Luxor temple. Thank you so much, I hope to come back!

Re Becca WirbelPalms Pyramids and Pharaohs - Egypt


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