How African Horse Safaris has been riding the Covid-19 storm

The African Horse Safaris team would first like to thank all our amazing adventurers and followers for being so understanding while we navigate this rapidly evolving situation. While this entire Covid-19 experience has been a test of courage, resourcefulness and endurance, it has also been an incredible experience of empathy, care, friendship, and incredible partnerships.

African Horse Safaris is confidently embracing this time of uncertainty around Covid-19 and international travel. We are committed to making sure each guest to Africa is thoroughly informed and given the flexibility to book and travel with confidence. We understand that many people are concerned about travelling in uncertain times like these. Booking a safari through an expert travel company like African Horse Safaris has never been more important. Our dedicated travel experts will keep you informed about possible travel restrictions, safety measures and will do everything to ensure your dream horse safari becomes a reality.

While the skies have been empty of planes and the cities of the world ground to a halt, we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes. We are always looking for new and exciting ways to get as many people as addicted to our amazing continent as we are! Endless open savannahs, vast uninhabited deserts, deserted tropical beaches and pristine wilderness areas – Africa offers you a whole variety of safe travel destinations. Untouched wilderness and a comparatively small number of tourists make our continent the perfect destination for your first post-Covid-19 journey. Remote locations in combination with the high health and safety standards ensure that you will spend a safe holiday in Africa.


Whether you are looking to dip your toe into trail riding, a thrill-seeker wanting a full-on horseback expedition or simply wanting to view Africa’s wildlife from a different perspective, we have the perfect horseback adventure for you. We also go beyond horse safaris when you want to extend your time in Africa or are travelling with friends or family that aren’t quite as keen to leap into the saddle – we can’t wait to be part of your adventure!

We hope you and your loved ones are keeping safe, healthy, and happy. We look forward to welcoming you to Africa!

Best wishes,

Isabel, Karien & Margot



As there have been government-enforced travel restrictions to many African destinations, it has meant that many of our guests have been unable to travel over the past few months.  Our team is in contact with everyone that has booked to travel in 2020. We are thrilled that most of our riders have deferred to 2021 or even 2022. Working closely with our partners on the ground, we have been able to defer dates with little to no changes in cost, unless riders choose to travel in a different season. We have also issued credit vouchers for those who cannot commit to dates just yet and will continue to hold riders’ deposits in trust to use for their future adventure. We look forward to welcoming you all to Africa once the dust has settled and travel resumes!


Each airline has its own policy with regards to refunds and rebooking of flights, so we recommend guests check the airline website or call them to ascertain their current policies. If your flight has been cancelled you can, depending on the airline, often receive a full refund of the cost of the flight ticket. Most airlines are currently working with vouchers for future travel, as the coronavirus has caused them so much damage that they are unable to pay everyone back. We advise guests to check with their airline to change booked tickets and hold off on booking new tickets until they know they are able to travel.


We are taking new bookings for all our destinations for safaris in 2021 & 2022. We have also introduced a number of exciting new rides and unique destinations to ensure that there is the perfect ride for every adventurer.

We’re offering flexible dates and payment plans for new bookings wherever possible. This allows guests to have peace of mind that they will not lose their deposit payments should they not be able to travel due to Covid-19. Our usual T&C’s require riders to pay the balance within 60 days of travel, however, this will be assessed on an individual basis depending on how the travel climate it looking.

In some cases, we are also offering special offers and vouchers to help make your travel dreams a reality. And if new travel restrictions in relation to Covid-19 are introduced after you have booked then we will not charge you to defer your holiday to a new date (although there may be a rate change if you move to a different season)


First of all, we can offer a few “book now, ride later” special offers as well as give you 2020 rates for most of our 2021 rides. And who doesn’t want to save on the adventure of a lifetime? Since most tourists who were meant to travel now have postponed their Africa holiday to next year, you want to make sure that you book your perfect ride while your ideal dates are still available. Some of our safaris have limited spots available, so it is always best to plan in advance.  Our safari gurus are looking forward to planning your next holiday on our magnificent continent. Africa awaits you!


With years of experience, we are one of the only African-based specialist tour operators arranging tailor-made horse safaris and holidays throughout the continent. Our understanding of what our travellers expect, plus extensive first-hand knowledge of all the rides, makes us experts in creating memorable African holidays. Specialising in this wonderful continent allows us to cover all basis of travel in Africa and therefore offer a very detailed and extensive portfolio.

We’ve chosen amazing rides that combine unrivaled adventure, professional guiding, quality accommodation, and horses that are as important as the guests.  We’ll be able to give you unbiased comparisons of different rides and personal advice based on our own trips. We warn you; Africa is highly addictive! Read more here


Yes – tourism is vital to Africa’s economy, people and conservations. The travel industry has taken a huge knock during this uncertain time. Tourism and conservation also go hand in hand and every single booking goes back into conserving our unique landscapes and wildlife that make Africa so special.

A safari, by its very nature, is the perfect way to social distance and find a new perspective. On horseback, you get to explore Africa’s most pristine wilderness areas, where you will find wide-open spaces, exceptional natural beauty, and unlimited fresh air… Galloping across the endless plains or meandering through the long grass, you find true freedom.

All our rides keep numbers to a minimum, ensuring that every experience is intimate and authentic. Every day is a unique experience as you are immersed in nature, the sounds, smells, and sights which will remain with you always. There are also few places in the world that families and loved ones can come to reconnect, away from the distractions of endless Zoom meetings and chat apps, like in the middle of nowhere. Whether you are on a solo journey or travelling with friends or family, there is no better place to be than on an African Horse Safari.