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1. The breath-taking landscapes

A trip to Africa is always something out of this world; there is nowhere else on the planet quite like it. When you journey through an African landscape, in the way of the original pioneers, aboard a faithful and spirited four-legged companion; you create a bond with the land which you will never forget. Discover vastly varying landscapes; ranging from endless and hauntingly beautiful desert…

Horse Riding Holiday in Namibia with African Horse Safaris

…to iconic African savannas dotted with wildlife…

horse riding safari in the masai mara

…or even dramatic and rugged coastline.

horse riding holiday in Africa - wild coast horse ride

2. The wildlife; horse riding with game

Nowhere else in the world can you ride alongside such a huge array of fascinating wildlife. The plant life, bird life and animal life across Africa are second-to-none. There is no way more exhilarating to view this iconic wildlife than from horseback. Horse riding in Africa allows you to get far closer to many of the animals than you would by vehicle. They see you as fellow grazers and will often let you graze or walk alongside them, with lot more ease than a loud engine.

horseback safari with african horse safaris

3. The guiding and the people

Horse riding in Africa offers the chance to meet some of the continent’s greatest guides and friendliest people. All our horse safaris are guided by some of Africa’s most knowledgeable and experienced guides. They transform the scenery around you with their wealth of information and detail about the African landscape.

David Foot – Makgadikgadi Salt Pans

Horse Riding Holiday with African Horse Safaris

Gordie Church – Masai Mara

horse safari in the Masai Mara

4. The horses

Where would we be without the horses? They are the foundation of all horse safari operators in Africa. Boasting a wide range of breeds, Africa offers horses for everyone. The horses are individually selected and bred for their temperament and ride-ability. There are various breeds, including the South African Boerperd, Arabs, Shire Cross, Thoroughbreds, Appalosas, and the S.A. Warmblood.

horse riding in namibia

crew riding wild coast horse safari

Horse Riding Holiday with African Horse Safaris

5. Reaching wildlife without the engine

Riding out from camp, after waking up on a beautiful African morning and enjoying a delicious breakfast, is a totally different experience than driving out in a game viewing vehicle. For a start, you get a chance to really appreciate Africa waking up; the sun coming up and casting beautiful light across the land, and the wonderful sounds of birds and animals starting their day. Then when you find game; creeping up on a herd of elephant with only the soft sounds of horses’ hooves to interrupt your appreciation of the game – magic.

6. The freedom

Riding in such vast landscapes grants an inescapable sense of ultimate freedom. Cantering along, the wind in your hair, the sun on your face and Africa’s wonders all around you. You can leave behind the real world and become immersed in the present; a rare blessing in today’s fast moving world.

Horse Riding Holiday in Botswana with African Horse Safaris

7. The kodak opportunity

It goes without saying that a horseback safari in Africa can provide some of the most spectacular kodak moments. You are bound to return from a horse riding holiday with countless ‘in between the ears ’ shots…

horse riding in africa

‘sunset silhouettes’…

Horse Riding Holiday with African Horse Safaris

‘canter flybys’ and many more.

Horse Riding Holiday in Botswana with African Horse Safaris

8. The adventure

Stepping onto a plane destined for Africa is always an unforgettable adventure. Every horseback safari is different, you never know exactly what you’re going to see, exactly which route you’re going to take. Adventure is just in the air, and it’s addictive – once you’ve tasted it, you’ll be coming back for more.

horse riding in the Okavango Delta

9. The chance to reach places unreachable by vehicle

On a horse, you can off-road and explore all those game trails going off into the bush, get to places unreachable with four tyres. You might come over the horizon to panoramic views stretching out in front of you, all of it ready for exploration – no engines needed. From horseback, you can venture through the deeper waters of the Okavango Delta

Horse Riding Holiday with African Horse Safaris

Or horse riding in Namibia and reaching areas of the Namib Desert National Park that cannot be accessed or crossed by vehicle…


10. The sense of achievement

Completing a horse riding holiday in Africa grants an enormous sense of achievement. You will return to the real world feeling fresh and alive. Spending time in the saddle, surrounded by nature, is always the perfect recipe for anyone looking for a true and exciting escape.

horse riding in namibia africa

We hope to see you soon…!!