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Antelope Park welcomes Alex Calder, the human behind the ears, of Instagram’s @betweentwoears.

Introducing Alex

With over 30,000 social medial followers, Alex Calder and her thoroughbred Ben share their adventures together from their home in the historic east coast of Ireland. Between two ears shares imagery of beautiful locations, seen from the back of a horse, and captured between the horses ears.

Alex started the account as a fun way to share online images of her horse, the success of the page has lead to travelling around the world to capture different horse back experiences. She now also collaborates with brands such as @horsecarebyhorsewear.

See all of Alex’s between two ears pictures:


Antelope Park

Alex and husband Samuel will be venturing to the African bush for a horseback adventure from Zimbabwe’s Antelope Park. Proving that the best way to safari is by horseback, we will be taking them to see our elephants, giraffe’s, zebra’s and wildebeest, amongst other free roaming animals here in the private reserve.

As a horse intern at Antelope Park I will host Alex and Samuel as guests. After following their Instagram accounts from home in England, I couldn’t be more excited to join them on their African adventure here in Zimbabwe.

We will be riding out into the bush before breakfast to see the sun rise, swimming with the horses through the dam, spotting wildlife roaming free and setting out for an overnight safari to sleep underneath the stars.

Horse riders in africaHorseback swims with elephants

Bushmans Rock Polo ClubAlex and Samuel will get the opportunity to give both polo and polocrosse a try at Bushmans Rock Polo Club, to learn more about these fast paced sports and experience this style of riding.

Before coming to Zimbabwe I have played polo myself in the UK at university level, now I am looking forward to getting the chance to play in Zimbabwe, seeing what the difference is in the game and getting to try polocrosse for the first time.

As the two sports are very different it will be a fantastic to learn about the different rules of the sport and the variation between the two games.

Polo Players in Africa


To celebrate the arrival of Alex and Samuel we are sharing our best between the ears shots from here in Africa, we are looking forward to seeing what images Alex produces during her time here in Zimbabwe.

Here is my first attempt at a between the ears photo during my first week here:

Zebra seen through the horses ears