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Horsey people love pictures of horses. Fact.

Be it stunning photos of jet-black Friesians, impressive dressage moves, hilarious horse fails or even horse safaris across Africa, we’re all fans. It is therefore unsurprising that the horse community on Instagram is vast, varied and rapidly growing.

Here at African Horse Safaris we adore Instagram. Instagram allows us to share with you the magic of riding in Africa and interact with our awesome community of adventure-lovers, travel addicts and equestrian enthusiasts. Using photos to capture special moments in time and creating exciting sparks in our imaginations, it’s been keeping us sane during a time when the world seemed like it was shutting down. We love scrolling through our pictures from our past adventures, sharing pictures of our guest’s incredible experiences and inspiring others to follow their dreams.  It is incredible to be able to connect with like-minded people and be inspired by their pictures and stories from across the globe! We love being a part of your lives through this visual journey!

We would like to share with you 10 of our favourite Equestrian Instagram accounts (although it was really hard to narrow down this list – and it changes on a weekly basis!) These must-follow accounts keep our feeds full of inspirational, fun and interesting content.

Lifebetweentheears Instagram1 @lifebetweentheears

We have all taken one (or a hundred!) ‘life between the ears’ shots whilst sat aboard our faithful steed. Often the end result requires many outtakes, tutting, and maneuvering awkwardly with one hand as we try and get the perfect alinement, with ears pricked to attention! This account features the best images from around the world, giving an incredible insight into the lives of our fellow equestrians and their adventures.

Benactionhorse Instagram2 @ben_actionhorses

The things stunt rider Ben Atkinson can do with his horses is guaranteed to blow your mind. Ben’s four-legged team have appeared on the BBC drama Poldark, featured in Game of Thrones and regularly perform at horse shows across the UK. If you want some serious ‘don’t try this at home’ content, he is well worth a follow.

Jakotango Instagram@jakotango

Jakob Von Plessen is life goals. This account will have you drooling over his life guiding trails through the spectacular landscapes of Argentina, playing polo, and hanging out with his beautiful family. When Jakob isn’t horse-riding across Argentina, he ‘guest-guides’ in the Masai Mara, Kenya. He might just be living the dream!?

Kizzy and Ettie Instagram4 @kizzy_and_etties

If you could do with a cuteness overload in your life, this is an account for you. Follow the amusing and incredibly cute lives of Kizzy, Etty and their fluffy ponies. Their journey is brilliantly and hilariously captured by their mum. Tune in for cuteness, giggles, and wonder as these fearless little pixies show us how it’s done.

Horsebalance Instagram@horsebalance

Norah Kohle shares her knowledge of horse psychology, liberty and historical dressage. Based in Sweden, the backdrop to her informative content is unbelievable. Her mantra ‘Horses in balance are never in stress’ – something we all need to remember every now and then.

Mattharneke Instagram@matt_harnacke

We have always loved Matt Harnacke and his honest, funny and damn-right stylish Instagram account. When Matt visited us in Botswana last year, we found out that what you get on Instagram, is exactly what you get in real life. It was a real treat sharing the magic of Africa with him and Jesse Drent

equinl Instagram@equinl

Aside from advertising drop-dead gorgeous horses for sale, and making you consider taking out a second mortgage on your house, this account always provides a smile. Enquinl connects equestrians across the world sharing a wide variety of content from travel riding, equestrian fails and impressive stunts.

crossthelands Instagram@crossthelands

This lesser-known gem is run by Teagan Cunniffe who has been capturing stunning photos of horses across Africa and South America for a number of years. Her photos transfer you to these jaw-dropping landscapes and certainly get the travel inspiration flowing!

Matildebrandt Instagram9 @matildebrandt

Matilde shares her life with her four-legged family Batman and Iver. If you are Friesian-lover (and let’s face it, who isn’t?!) then you need this account in your life. Not only are her horses stunning, but the Norweigian forests and ethereal light make her photos beyond dreamy.

Africanhorsesafaris Instagram10 @africanhorsesafaris

Well of course, we are biased… But, if you’re a thrill-seeker and always looking for new adventures, I can safely say we’re worth a follow. Picture stunning landscape panoramas, incredible horse & wildlife photos, and epic canter videos. We love sharing our adventures and getting as many people as addicted to Africa as we are!