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African Horse Safaris has just returned from 3 unforgettable weeks spent on South Africa’s stunning Wild Coast. The journey was made in order to witness, and be part of Rocket Horse Racing’s first ever endurance race down 350km of desolate, wild and unforgiving coastline.

wild coast horse safari

** All images by Rocket Horse Racing**

Rocket Horse Racing is pioneering “a new breed of long distance horse racing: testing horsemanship, endurance, survival and navigational skills across an iconic wilderness”


wild coast horse safari

A New Breed of Horse Racing

The 2016 Wild Coast Race Riders were allotted a team of three horses to cross 350km of this rugged and beautiful terrain, along the east coast of South Africa. Competing for victory, they navigated challenging landscapes, swam across rivers and kept their horses fit for vet checks along the way.


Awe Inspiring Athleticism

The show of athleticism, team work and sheer determination shown by both horse and rider was awe inspiring. It almost goes without saying that several tears were shed as the brave (and/or slightly mental!) riders brought their trusted steeds across the finish line. What an unbelievable achievement, not only for the race riders and their horses – but also for all the crew and organisers that made the race happen. Rocket Horse Racing had a vision, they wanted to challenge modern day perceptions of long distance horse travel, they came up with a plan and they made it happen.



Entries are now open for the 2017 race.

Have you got what it takes to race the Wild Coast?


Not up for racing but still want to experience the adventurous Wild Coast?

Baz and Joe, two of the founders of Rocket Horse, got to know South Africa’s Wild Coast by running 14 day endurance expeditions down the coast. This route also involves swimming rivers, long empty beaches and traversing the stunning and challenging terrain. However, the journey is made at a slightly more leisurely pace, staying in lovely coastal guesthouses along the way. This is a stunning ride through some of South Africa’s last true wilderness, and an epic expedition like no other in Africa.
If you aren’t up for racing then take on the Wild Coast and all its excitement with the 14 day adventure…

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