Combining With Non-Riders

Here at African Horse Safaris we often come across horsey-mad women, men and teenagers desperate to come out to Africa and ride horses, but feel restricted by their non-riding other halves, family members or even friends.

We completely understand that for an African adventure of a lifetime, you would often want to have your partner and favourite people travelling alongside you. It might seem a shame to embark on such an epic adventure, and leave them behind at home. Although hey, let’s face it, if they really aren’t keen you might just have to! Hehe. However, let’s start with the good news… There is an answer where you can all enjoy your holiday, before we jump to any drastic actions.

Here’s How

Many of our lodge-based horse riding safaris are in jaw-dropping and stunning locations. These settings make the perfect backdrop for any African adventure and boast a heap of different activities, beyond those which involve our four-legged friends.

Horses or No Horses

Horses or no horses; many consider the Okavango Delta in Botswana to be one of the ultimate safari destinations in Eastern Africa.  With exceptional game viewing and wonderful bird life, you can easily see why.

The luxury tented-lodge runs horse safaris out into the surrounding wilderness each morning and afternoon. However, there is a whole host of other activities available for non-riding partners. The lodge is extremely flexible allowing guests, including those booked as riders, to pick and choose what they do each day.  Indeed, many riders enjoy having a break from the saddle to take advantage of the wide range of other activities on offer.

Non-riders can enjoy;

  • Game drives: These exciting drives offer the opportunity to track and photograph birds and big game in the wilderness.  Drive out at dawn or dusk and soak in the wonderful atmosphere of the African bush either coming to life, or winding down.


Game drive at dusty sunset

Game drive at sunset

  • Boat Trips: Once the annual floods have arrived, usually around May, there is the special opportunity of exploring the Delta by water. Explore the area by motorboat, or even by traditional dugout canoes called ‘mokoros’. Skillful polers navigate them through the crystal clear waters. The tranquillity and peace of the journey allows guests to feel at one with the surrounding nature and wildlife.


Mokoro and buffalo herd in Okavango Delta

Embark on a mokoro safari during high water


  • Fishing:  Enjoy from both boat or land – fishing is hugely popular with guests in the Okavango Delta. There is a wide range of beautiful fishing spots where guests cast between water lilies and wallowing hippos. Competing with the local fish eagles and kingfishers for the night’s dinner.


Fishing in the Okavango Delta

Fishing in the Okavango Delta

  • Helicopter Flights: From the air one can really appreciate the diversity and vastness of the Okavango Delta. Take off from camp and enjoy soaring across the Okavango with a bird’s-eye view of the entire eco-system, and a better understanding of this world-famous landscape.


Helicopter over Okavango Delta

Bird’s eye view of the Okavango Delta

A Luxurious Getaway at Ant’s Hill & Ant’s Nest, South Africa

Based in a beautifully picturesque reserve in South Africa’s prisitine Waterberg Region lies the wonderful lodges Ant’s Hill and Ant’s Nest. These two idyllic properties are the home for guests looking to immerse themselves in the African bush… Whilst enjoying all the luxuries an African safari has to offer. Again, whether you find the idea of cantering through the bush alongside game, extremely alarming or a dream come true – the Ant Reserve can cater for you. They embrace family visits and facilitating for non-riders.

Even The Most Cynical End Up In The Saddle

The brilliant factor of being based in an enclosed reserve, means that there are no elephants or lions on the property. This allows for Ant’s Nest and Ant’s Hill to cater for any level of riders – even complete beginners and young children. It is not uncommon that you find even the most cynical and stubborn non-riders climbing aboard!

However, The Ant Reserve also offers a huge selection of activities:

  • Game drives

non-rider activities Ant's Hill and Ant's Nest

  • Guided walks / walking safaris
  • Led pony rides for beginners or under 4
  • Bug and spoor walks / learn to become a ranger

non-rider activities Ant's Hill and Ant's Nest

  • Horse riding lessons
  • Fishing

non-rider activities Ant's Hill and Ant's Nest

  • Horse riding safaris / full day rides
  • Snake and reptile talks / handling
  • Swimming with the horses
  • Mountain biking
  • Archery
  • Rhino tracking
  • Big 5 game drives
  • Night sky safaris
  • Visit to our local children’s home

Horse Riding Holiday with African Horse Safaris


So as you can see, there is a way you can get to go on your dream horse riding holiday and take your favourite non-riding travel partners along with you! Perfect 😀