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So you’ve heard that Africa is a magical destination? That there is no better way to discover it than on horseback? You’ve heard tales of riding alongside herds of zebra, giraffe and antelope or seeing elephants on horseback.  People have even told you unbelievable stories about snow-capped mountains, tropical beaches and ancient deserts. In Africa!? We’re here to give you a few reasons why not to travel to Africa –  you’ll wish someone had told you all this before….

(Disclaimer: to be read with a good sense of humour)

1. It means you have to go on a horseback safari to Africa, where the sights are nothing much to write home about.

Horseback riders and Mokoro in the Okavango Delta in pink light

Riding in the incredible Okavango Delta – Botswana

Giraffe and horse riders with Kilimanjaro

A horse safari in the shadows of Mt Kilimanjaro – Tanzania

2. You have to ride hours through the vast wilderness just to reach your destination. Sometimes you even have to gallop across the desert or wade across rivers…

Horse riders galloping in the Namib Desert

350km Ride through the Namib Desert – Namibia 

Horseback safari crossing river with hippos

Crossing the Masai Mara – Kenya

3. The landscapes are average at best… And you probably won’t see any other people the entire time!

Horse riding on wild coast

Riding along the endless Wild Coast – South Africa

Aerial view of horses walking on salt pan

Makgadikgadi Salt Pans – Botswana

4. Overall the journey is pretty slow and boring… and you can’t even get close to the animals!

Ibo Island. Mozambique

Galloping through the floodwaters of the Okavango Delta – Botswana

Horses and Rhino in South Africa

Get up close to chubby unicorns – South Africa

5. And don’t even get me started on the horses they make you ride…

Horses and smiling groom on tropical island

Mozambique Horse Safari – Check it out

Woman riding bay horse along the Nile River

River Nile Safari – Uganda – Check it out

6. Or the guides they make you go with…

Joanna – Tanzania Safari Guide

horse riding with lion

Simon – Kenya Safari Guide

7. Sometimes they don’t even provide you with a restaurant and you have to dine in the middle of nowhere!

Alfresco dining – Ol Donyo Lodge- Kenya

In the foothill of Mt Kilimanjaro – Tanzania

8. The accommodation is nothing special, and there’s certainly no luxury to be found here…

luxury thatched room at safari lodge

Luxury room at Borana Lodge – Kenya

Woman in outdoor bath at sunset

Romance at Ants Hill – South Africa

8. If you’re really unlucky they might not even give you a roof over your head!

Bed at sunrise in the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans

Sunrise over the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans – Botswana

Camp bed overlooking river

Curl up under the stars on safari in Namibia

10.  And every day ends with a mediocre sunset and they make you watch it from the strangest places…

Horses at Macatoo Camp Botswana

Sundowners in the Okavango Delta – Botswana

horse riding with giraffe at sunset

Golden hour on the Tuli Safari – Botswana

I mean it really is a wonder anyone goes at all….  😉 Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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