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A ride through Botswana’s desert and delta is sure to be an adventure of epic proportions. Nathan’s account is nothing short of that – Thrilling rides, extraordinary landscapes and stunning night skies.

Nothing feels more like home or more authentic than a safari in the wilderness on horseback. There’s a special excitement in the morning, mounting these wonderful horses, and heading out in no particular direction other than adventure. The wildlife of the Okavango Delta exhibits all of the storylines and plot twists you might find in a Hollywood blockbuster; the difference being that on horseback, and in this environment, we are not casual bystanders of the drama that plays out, we have active roles to play.

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An epic Botswana horse safari

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Following the Delta, I headed to the Magkadikadi Salt Pans, a place that shattered my perceptions of natural beauty. The surface of the Pans is soft but sturdy, just perfect for long, swift canters across the landscape. We enjoyed classic views over the pans… of water vapor rising to blur the backdrop of palms and wildlife, of herds of zebra and wildebeest grabbing a drink at the salt lakes while yet another gorgeous sunset played tricks on the eyes, and most spectacular of all, the night skies so heavy with stars it felt that they’d surely all come crashing down before long.

A picture-perfect African horse safari

You can do the Desert without the Delta…or the Delta without the Desert…but you’d only be getting half of the story. I’m so thankful I did both.  And also thankful for Isabel at African Horse Safaris. No matter what crazy obstacle got in the way (Covid) or what crazy plans I made before and after my safari, they always had an answer. Going to Cape Town?  No problem. Victoria Falls – here’s the must-do list! And we can arrange a transfer to the airport for you. Uganda?  You’re in for a treat, here’s our latest intel.

Wildlife encounters on an African horse safari

Want to book your own Desert & Delta horse riding adventure in Africa? Get in touch with one of our team!

Nathan Linden
Desert and Delta – Ultimate Botswana


A Botswana horse adventure A photo collage of a bucket-list Botswana horse adventure