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Knowledge makes a successful booking and a good safari. We aim to provide that knowledge and personal touch which will allow you to find the right African safari and book with confidence. Keep up with us as we continue on our journey of exploring Africa, the way it should be done, from the back of a horse.

“Before I first went to work for Ride Botswana and experience the wonders of horse safari, I was lucky enough to have a fair amount of safari experience in Kenya, Tanzania and Namibia. However, up until then it had always involved climbing into the back of a game drive vehicle, engine running and dodging metal frames/window glare for the perfect shot. Heading out on horseback in Botswana was the first time I got to experience a ‘safari of old’: wildlife without the engine.  There is nothing quite like creeping up to a giraffe or an elephant with only the soft hooves of the horses to interrupt your appreciation of the game. Crossing huge expanses of land with the wind in your hair not because you’re trundling along at 30kmp but because you’re cantering along, weaving in and out of the scrub.

The beauty of horse safari is you end each day with that beautifully exhausted feeling that can only be achieved after a day spent in the saddle, breathing in Africa’s wonderfully clean air. The feelings of contentment as you sit round the campfire, sip your first (or third) G&T or tuck into a delicious alfresco dinner, are amplified – you’ve earnt them. Everything you’ve achieved that day has been off your own back – and of course that of your four-legged friend – and its that feeling of accomplishment, teamed with spectacular scenery, incredible wildlife and thrilling adventure, that really makes horse safari something out of this world.”

Isabel Juby – Marketing and Sales Manager for AHS